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Full Version: 2 week trip - suggestions welcomed
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Hi all,

Long time lurker first time poster.

I'm looking to travel on my own for 2 weeks, I'm way overdue for a holiday and wouldn't mind checking out a new place and racking up a few notches while I'm there..

I've gone through search function for a short trip but haven't found any info, I'll probably have more Q's once I narrow down the destination but to help with destination suggestions:

Cost not an issue (nice hotels, healthy food)
Good gyms nearby
Max 2 weeks
Wouldn't mind meeting a 2-3 women rather than 5 or 6 and having them as a bit of a tour guide around the place..(Would actually like to do a few things rather than permanently hang at shopping centres)
I'm 30 yrs old, dress sharp, well built etc.

I've been to Japan and loved it but went to Nagano (snowboarding) so its like a rural town, I found the girls much more traditional and shy..

Anyway open to suggestions, I'm sort of trending towards Asia as it's a shorter flight for me...
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