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I wanted to hear some feedback from those of you that have hit some international destinations solo and the checklist you run through to get situated and ready to meet people. Do you book accommodation 100% of the time in advance, do you hit some hostels to meet some people and get the inside info, after accommodations do you hit up the spots recommended on the forum etc.?

Whats your typical 'process' to get your ducks in a row and start to meet people and get some bangs if you have at least 4 weeks planned at a location?
My last trip I went to Brazil and I was teaching English there. I stayed in hostels when I went to Rio and got information about hostels at The data on this forum really helped me out when it came to what places to hit up at night. Also search for nightlife websites in whatever country you go to.(You may have to search in their language on google) For example a great nightlife website in brasil is I knew to avoid places like Shenanigans and Emporio bar in Rio from what I read on this forum. Also Roosh mentioned that Casa Da Matriz was a good spot to meet friendly girls and that is where I got my brasilian flag. When I went to Sao Paulo I did the same thing and some guy had a really good data sheet on here for Sao Paulo(I added some spots when I was there too). Also go to venues that are more geared to what your style is. Basically use all the resources you can get and study the language they speak to whatever country you are going to.
-Set up a bookmark folder of the country you're going to. Throw anything useful in there as you research the country.
-Research short-term lodging (hostel/hotel), then apartment lodging. Either use google, this forum, Wikitravel, or Lonely Planet's PDF guides as starting points.
-Book flight then book short-term lodging (book at least 3 nights)
-About 3-5 days before arrival, start emailing apartment listings, asking for availability and pricing.

-Get a local SIM card.
-Pester hotel staff about apartment situation. Follow-up on emails, compare prices, look at apartments
-At the same time, hit on 2-5 girls during the day, then more at night. Ask them for opinions on apartments and nightlife. Don't skip out on hitting on girls just cause you're not settled yet. There's something about a man's energy when he is a fresh arrival.

-Hit up your prospects, set up dates.
-Find a gym, local grocery store, etc.

First week in a new country is always hectic and stressful. I don't care for it.
While apartment hunting use the public transportation as much as possible. The task is mentally and physically exhausting and you want to conserve your energy so that you can cover more ground.

I was a cheapskate and didn't use taxis while looking for an apartment in BKK. I got very little done in the first week.
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