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Full Version: Location-Independence Trial
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I'm starting to develop some location-independent income and am thinking about trying three months in East Europe when my lease in the US ends in this summer and using a parent's place in Florida as my base in the US. (will stifle my US game a bit, but should more than make up for it in EE). Figure it'll be cheaper than living in the states, and could be a ton of fun.

From the threads, it sounds like you have to get to the city before finding apartments...that you can't prebook your living situation.

But I'm having trouble figuring out how much it will really cost to live in different places in EE. Would like to combine a nice city that I can do a little traveling from, good women (I like my blondes, though), and cheap. I'm paying $700 on rent right now and would like to spend less in EE.

I'm thinking maybe Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest, Belgrade, Vilnius, Sofia? I want to visit Kiev, but not quite ready to commit to living there for three months. I'm looking for a little Western familiarity for my first go-around.

Does anybody know from experience how much apartments cost in those cities? (or other cities that fit the bill) Or know how to find out?

Any other suggestions?
Look at AirBNB's monthly prices for the exact part of the city you want.

From their total price you can reasonably subtract a little bit off the final price for a final montly rent. Double check Craiglist and any other city-specific sites you can find to verify this. If you're willing to commit to several months and you take out the ABNB fees you'll pay a little below the final price AirBNB would quote you.
AirBnB monthly price in the area you want should give you an upper-bound. 75-80% of that is reasonable, and something I'd settle for probably if it's short-term with all bills included.

Locals will no doubt tell you you're overpaying, and in almost every country I go to they seem to get a kick out of telling you you're not getting local prices, etc etc.

Generally though they're comparing to long-term rates (6mo+ contract), and they arent factoring in bills which would be extra on top but you wont be paying. Tell them this and they'll probably brush it off though lol. Ask them if they could suggest anywhere better for the same period with no deposit and bills included, and they'll usually shut up Wink
Nomadlist is a useful resource to determine the cost of living in a city. It includes the cost of renting a central 1 bed apartment
wahouu this roosh v forum is amazing!

I was going to open a similar post.

I'm looking for a city in eastern europe to live,work remotedly and practice and enjoy game.

I don't know it it exists already a post where we can discuss about the best months to be in different cities..because I have heard that in Eastern Europe there are some months that are best/worst for pick up and so on,I have heard that some cities are dead in summer time for example

I will share the only information I know about different cost of living,whatever useful you know,please,share Smile

I will keep reading here
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