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Full Version: New Zealands "high calibre" women...
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We are fortunate enough to be graced for the first time with the Bachelor series (thanks murica Confused). I thought I'd post a screen cap as it's a pretty good indication of what would be considered above average here.

"MediaWorks has been overwhelmed by Kiwi women applying to be part of the first series of The Bachelor New Zealand", "the response so far has been outstanding".

"Producers say the calibre is very high".

"Our first Bachelor will be a very lucky man".

[Image: DYH4ncC.jpg]

[Image: U5zRzOv.gif]
Poppy is the only 7/10+ there for my tastes.

Meanwhile, Kiwi (New Zealand) women in Australia...

[Image: 2mhbwuh.jpg]

Do these types of women exist over there?
At least the selection process isn't overly tough, but knowing The Bachelor - most of the blokes are deep Betas. The only times where a more Alpha candidate was brought in, he ended up fucking a bunch of girls and getting massive hate by the hivemind (despite being the more popular if women would ever meet him in person).

[Image: Juan-Pablo.gif]

The Red Pill Bachelor would be show with a man like that and a number of subsequent dates where he fucks each and everyone eliminating every girl until the best boner-inducing most feminine hottie remains.

[Image: juan5.gif]

That's a show I would watch.
WTF? Do women hit the wall counter-clockwise down there?
Almost ALL these women are past their prime.
[Image: METALMOUTH_zpsjoiz6uml.png]

[Image: richard_kiel_jaws_bond_feat.jpg]

I'd pop Poppy
I have a crush on Shivani.
Rosie looks pretty good
Carissa definitely WB several times. I have a weakness for trim brunettes with green/blue eyes.
[Image: Lisa_SmartCasual_Bachelorette_TheBachelorNZ_2673.jpg]
[Image: original.jpg]
This is a TV show for your average woman to "slob out" in front of... They aren't gonna pick absolute stunners, that would make the audience feel too self conscious...
It's because Kiwi chicks are not very attractive. I went to Uni in Christchurch and in the 6 years in NZ I might have encountered 2-3 dozen girls I would consider 8 or above. That's not very hard considering I met thousands of people in my time there. They dress like shit, don't care about their bodies and smoke cigarettes and weed. They get to the age of 21-22 and look worn out. Little genetic diversity with most people being Anglo-Celtic (with fucking horrible genes! Big Teeth, bug eyes etc.) or Polynesian.

I love NZ, but it's not a pussy paradise.
Carissa and Matilda would get it
Peter Jackson has the means to turn NZ into a wonderous, Middle Earth fantasy world...but the producers of this show can't even spring for a simple airbrush job of these birds' headshots? Good grief.
Crissa, Bridgette, Shavni, Krissy are the only hot broads. Rest are okay, marginal, old, or beat.

The truth is I would stick my dick in all of them except Fiona and Christy if I was hammerd.

NZ is the worst.
I am not bullish on NZ women, however in my observation the average is about the same as the other English speaking countries.

Looks like the producers were trying to avoid fatties, so by the time they look through the limited pool of prospects that want to embarrass themselves on tv and not overweight, not many pretty faces available.

It seems that the only remaining places in the English speaking countries with a decent selection of prospects are the largest cities with a strong international flavour like London, New York, Sydney, etc. It seems to be a critical mass thing.
^ Been in Christchurch, women are busted. Kiwis as a people are the coolest I've ever met by far. Too bad their women are busted. They don't deserve it.
Matilda and Michelle get my vote.

Cristy, what the fuck?! How did Oldie Hawn here weasel her way onto this show?
Brigette has slutface....
It's come out that one of them is a convicted fraudster after thieving $40,000 from her employer + other charges haha

[Image: 88ccfeb48c0b4959258c568d4d09f2bb06bf580f_620x311.jpg]
(03-14-2015 01:06 AM)Sooth Wrote: [ -> ]It's come out that one of them is a convicted fraudster after thieving $40,000 from her employer + other charges haha

[Image: 88ccfeb48c0b4959258c568d4d09f2bb06bf580f_620x311.jpg]

Quote:The (33 year old) mother-of-two has fallen foul of the law several times. Her offending in Hamilton and Auckland over a number of years has included misleading the Ministry of Social Development, driving offences, and Tenancy Tribunal cases involving thousands of dollars of rent arrears on two properties.

I have found worse offenses for a man than having stolen:

+ Being a single mother with 2 children (hopefully from one man but you never know)

The other crap are criminal offenses which look like stealing from her employer as a maid, not paying rent on time, sucking the welfare state dry and driving offenses - well those are hardly crimes I would call even worthy of petty crime.

The worst thing is that they put up a 33yo single mother of 2 as a contestant, but I guess there will be others in rooster who are 40 and have 4 children by 4 different men. What a catch!

I am certain the bachelor will be beside himself for the TV producers to have chosen so many women which have placated the hamsters of the female viewership:

[Image: art-green-abs-300x300.jpg]

I wonder why they have not started selecting obese and 55 year old women for him?
It was awhile ago but there was one guy from Austin Texas that seemed pretty red pill/game aware. Had a twin brother or something, I watched part of a show and was actually intrigued but I never followed it after that.

Anyway NZ must suck. That's disappointing.
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