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Full Version: Anyone in Sacremento?
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Hi everyone, this is my first post

I will be moving to Sacremento in about 1 month, and i'm interested to meet some local guys/local lair. Also I need some general advice.

my background:
I left America in 2008 and have not been home since. I was a huge beta-chode when I left. I had only learned about game 6mo before I left, but i was enough to land me my first ever GF. Since then everything I learned about game was in Asia. I got quite competent at the level of an average PUA (close 10 girls in month). However, asia is paradise for weak beta dudes to get laid. So in addition to my game being calibrated for an entirely different culture, it may not be aggressive enough for life back in states.

In addition, from what i have read online. it sounds like society changed a lot while I was gone. when i began learning game, it was a fringe thing. now it seems to be quite mainstream. Also, I have kind of forgotten what it is like be around american chicks. every once in awhile I'll meet some ABC chick over here and its like getting slapped in the face. the loud brassy voice, the attitude problem, the weight problem. It has me feeling nervous that I may not be as ready to face that sh*t as I think I am.

so what is the scene like sacremento? where are the best places of day and night game?
any general advice for re-adapting to american chicks?
are american chicks still open to approaches? or is the whole street harrassment thing stopping that?
I am middle aged can I still hit on girls that are in their 20's?

finally, I want to up my game to push myself to be the best seducer I can be both at home and abroad.
Mid town sac is the place for night life and, a good place to day game. There are clubs like the park (plenty pf Asian girls, especially on Saturdays), the mix (which I found a bit pretentious with a mid 20s-30s crowd) where work can be done. As in any new place there are differences in trends here that may need some adapting to. I don't night game much, but I have had success approaching in the plentiful cafes, coffee shops, and especially the malls here. Old town sac is where you could find touristy chicks and is flooded during the day, plenty of room for opportunity. A combo of night, day, and Internet game should get you at least 1-2 notches this month. dressing nice ( slim fitting button downs, trim polos, cardigans over buttons ups with designer jeans, oxfords, desert boots etc) should give you a competitive edge since a lot of people dress overly casual. There are 2 large universities in the area and several community colleges; grab a back pack and take a stroll through a few of them (sac state, uv Davis, American river). You can create opportunities here just like any other place. Take a language class or mma to help start meeting people, join a gym. I don't know much about you ( your eagerness, looks, fashion, approach setting preferences) so I just made a general outline.
cool thanks for replying.

1. is it just as well to live in Davis?

2. the other thing is I only date Asians. I read some stuff on the internet that asian chicks were super offended by that. I know it will come up at some point. not sure the most gracious way to address it.

3. I have my style and health under control. I actually will be a student at the local community college. I have lived all over the world so likely will be quite different than the local cally culture.
Davis is a lot smaller, and I have less experience there. Regular day game venues could be targeted and finding a social circle would benefit you there. Plenty of Asian women.

I've mainly had success with Asian women here. I wouldn't tell them that I exclusively target them for multiple reasons: it might flatter them or offend them, I don't want to do too much of either. Being well dressed, in good shape, with a willingness to approach and you are going to be on a campus? As for Cali trends, I wouldn't worry, standing out isn't a bad thing. Sounds like you're in a good position to start making connections with attractive women; regular rules apply.
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