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Full Version: From Belgrade to Stockholm or better not?
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Here we go guys: I got 1.5 - 2 months of free time and decided to travel through Eastern Europe in April and May. I am still not 100% certain whether it should be really a trip where I change cities after 3/4 days or I just stay longer at a certain place if i like it and skip some of the rest or all of it. So the route I am planning at the moment (but as said can change while being on the route) is the following:

(maybe: Olomouc)
(If Krakow is too touristic I go to Katowice)

and then if time is left I go to the three baltic states via Bydgoszcz (PL) catching a ferry from Talin to Stockholm for the last weekend in Stockholm flying back home from there.

1) Anyone has been doing a similar trips? Any watch-outs or advices? Better to travel by bus or by train?

2) Reading some threads in this forum I read that some guys recommend rather fewer places (maybe even one) - which made me think to even cut some of the cities and leave the Baltic States and Stockholm out. But what do you do all day in a small city like Brno after you've seen most of the city and got your flag? I am travelling alone after all.

3) How do you guys keep your gym discipline while being abroad and travelling?
Spend at least two weeks in each city. Your data sheets will be better.

In all seriousness though, lodging will be cheaper that way, and you'll get further with the ladies if you can see them more than once and can gauge how game works in their city/country.

As for the gym...try TRX or read/watch Convict Conditioning, it is flawed but there are some ideas there about how not to atrophy without a gym
A lot of these towns seem very similar. Both tourism wise and when it comes to women, would probably be better to cut down and reduce to 3 cities
all these cities are not far from each other, and they will be a pleasant experience.

you can get a Interrail pass which is valid 10 days, 15 days, 22 days or 1 month, with unlimited
train trips all over all european countries, Interrail pass prices start at 163 eur
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