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Full Version: Black Men In Sweden
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What's Fellas

I've following the site for a minute. I'm schedule to fly to Stockholm, Sweden on tomorrow. I need the scoop.. Everything I read so far was post over 3 years ago. Can someone confirm the places below?

fyi: not that it matters I'm African American
Here is what I have so far. I plan to visit the spots below...


Clubs: Sturecompagnentt/Utecompagnent, WhiteRoom, Rose Bar, Laroy, Mmbassadeur, LeBon Palais, (F12, Berns Thurs & Fri) SpyBar(Saturday).

Thursday & Friday HipHop = Josefina, hotorget and tcentralen

Bars in Sodermalm = Windmill, Solidaritet, and UnerBron
Lol at the other thread you put up. I spent some time(~2 weeks) in stockholm last summer. PM me if you have any specific questions. A lot of the info is still relevant. You'll be well received if your game is tight( like everywhere else). Don't just expect chicks to be all over you because you're AA. They're pretty accustomed to seeing black guys now.

Hi Global Baller
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