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Full Version: ¡Viva Aguascalientes! Feria de San Marcos Datasheet 2015
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First, a tip of the hat to germanico, whose 2013 Feria datasheet inspired me to take the trip. Everything in his post remains accurate, except for the names of the clubs. None of them go by the same name except for RPM, which is much lower quality than most of the other clubs in the zona de antros. I don't remember any of their names but it doesn't matter.

Aguascalientes seems to transform during Feria. 23 days, including four weekends, of fiesta. It’s much more crowded with visitors, locals often peace out since they’ve done the Feria many times before, streets are closed or traffic directions changed, taxis and hotels jack up prices, storefronts or vacant lots become cantinas, and there are food vendors everywhere. I’ve only been to the city this one time, so this sheet is specifically about Aguascalientes during Feria.

I highly recommend going to the Feria. I've never seen such high quality Mexican women, let alone this many all in one place. Thin, light and tan skinned beauties with those Latina curves. I'd go back every year if possible. The city itself is alright, but there are better places to go if it's outside of Feria time.

My ideal return trip would be Thursday through Sunday, as it's a bit quieter early in the week. Supposedly there are more people at Feria in the later weeks. It was very crowded during the first week as it is, so I don't know if having more people there would be a good thing. April 25 is the most important day as it's the day of Saint Mark.
The lay of the land

The area is huge, but I’ll try to keep this short.

[Image: Untitled_2.jpg]

Blue: Plaza de la Patria, the huge central town square surrounded by the Cathedral, historic buildings, Teatro Morelos, cafes, etc. Get your shoes shined here for 20 pesos. North and East of here you'll find your typical Latin American town center, museums, churches, shopping, and street vendors included. Busiest part of the town center during the day.

Green: calle Carranza, a mostly pedestrian street with plenty of bars and restaurants that runs from the Jardin to the back of the Cathedral. This is where the party is in Aguascalientes the rest of the year. During Feria, it’s just another place to drink and isn’t nearly as crowded as the main Feria square around the Antros and Encierro. There’s a quality beer shop with local and imported beers and a friendly, young staff. Cafe Rosinal makes a solid coffee and has outdoor seating. Carranza is a great place to chill, people watch, and start off the evening in a social mood. This street is where the best restaurants and cafes are, so I’d recommend it for the daytime and afternoon. Feria events on this street are mostly for kids and families.

Red: This area is where the Feria proper is located. The action spills out onto side streets of course, but this part of Aguascalientes exists specifically for the Feria. Completely pedestrianized, and crowded from about 5pm til sunrise. During the day it’s pretty quiet, street food stalls are mostly closed unfortunately.

[Image: MapaPerimetro.jpg]

The official map isn’t great and not to scale but it may help you understand the Feria zone a bit.

On the north end of the Feria you have the Jardin, which is a nice, small, quiet park, with a small square and church to its immediate west. This is a great place to get food, and meet up with a girl as it’s not as crowded as the Encierro or Antros areas but still very central.

As you walk south along the only route south, you’ll pass a bunch of standard, overpriced restaurants, bars, the casino, palenque (a cockfighting ring-cum-concert venue), bus company stands, and tons of people and musical groups. This area gets very crowded and it’s slow moving foot traffic at night.

At the end of this street you’ll come to a huge statue of bulls, known as the Encierro. This is the center of the Feria and where it’s most crowded with people drinking and dancing outdoors. It’s surrounded by a bunch of restaurants and bars as well.

To the East you have a bunch of restaurants and beer stands, as well as the Zona de Antros. The Antros is an 18+ area with nightclubs around a small square. Less crowded and better quality women, since they are dressed to impress and most clubs charge a cover on weekends.

To the West of the Encierro it’s a long stretch of alcohol, food, clothing, and souvenir vendors toward the white exposition center and concert venue at the very tip of the Feria. You’ll also pass by some fancier pavilions showcasing the best of Aguascalientes and whichever state has been invited that year (this year it’s Querétaro). There’s a picnic garden/park along here as well. The exposition center is home to artisan vendors from all around Mexico, business/industry promotion stands, and a large vendor area. The Monumental bullring is at one corner of the Feria as well.

The Isla is somewhere else, isolated from the Feria and is for kids. I didn’t go.

Things to do

Bullfights: tickets from $10 to $100, six fights per corrida. Intense, carnal sex guaranteed afterwards. Recommended.

Cockfights: a bit boring, and why spend time around old Mexican men when you could be out gaming hot chicas? Not recommended.

Casino: roulette, poker, blackjack. The casino only exists during the Feria. I won a couple hundred dollars at the blackjack tables which paid for a night out and good, shady seats at the bullfights. Max bet is only $20. Most other people playing are drunk or don’t know how to play, splitting tens and whatnot.


Concerts: could be good but I wouldn’t waste prime nightlife time on that.

Food: Street food is plentiful, cheap, and tasty. Unless you really want to sit down or are starving, it’s not worth paying 5x as much, or more, for restaurant food inside the Feria area. Alcohol at restaurants is also marked up big time compared to shops or street stalls.


I stayed at the One Hotel directly across the street from the Feria and Antros. It’s quiet and location is perfect, a two minute walk to the Encierro. Logistics here are second only to the Fiesta Americana, which is directly across the street and is a part of the Feria area. I’d prefer not to deal with the noise all night long though, and the street in front of One is pretty crowded with people and food stalls at night which is good for gaming. There may be some hotels around Carranza as well but it’s better to be near the Antros and Encierro. Couldn’t find any airbnb or apartment rentals unfortunately.

I got a Movistar sim with data, which rarely worked at peak times. It’s still worth the $10 but don’t expect your whatsapp messages to go through on Saturday night.


Almost everyone there is Mexican, with lots of visitors from other parts of the country. I noticed more Mexican-Americans (speaking English) than white tourists. As a Spaniard, I stood out and had a lot of success dressing well (casual jacket and pants) and asking random questions so that the girl would immediately know that I spoke Spanish and wasn't from there. Other guys dressed up at night but rarely in suits or blazers. It’s quite hot and sunny during the afternoon so linen is a must. Some girls speak English but are embarrassed to practice so I would tease them playfully about that.

During the day it’s pretty quiet, so it’s easy to daygame without any distractions and either instadate or set something up for later if the girl is working. Optimal locations for daygame are the white exposition center and town center since they have more shops and are open earlier. Where are you from? Where can I find a good paleta/huitlacoche/sim card? Which is your favorite flavor of whatever you’re selling? Can I try your mezcal?

Nightgame is straightforward, and if you have good logistics you can just post up outside of your hotel and game on. Invite a girl inside to have a drink with you or use the bathroom instead of paying to use a public one. It’s easier to game in the Antros square than inside any of the clubs there, and you avoid paying a cover charge that way too ($10+). No covers during the week but the crowd is much smaller. Around the Encierro gets very crowded and most people are drinking in groups, which are tough to game unless you’re doing the same. Best nighttime spots are the Antros, Laureles street (for those staying at One), followed by the rest of the Feria zone North, East, and West of the Encierro which can be too crowded, noisy, and social-circle compared to the Antros.

I did some online game with Tinder as well. Most of the matches were girls from Aguascalientes, so it was easy enough to set up a date where the girl would show me around or whatever. Flakes, SIFs, and lack of phone service at meetup time make this option less worthwhile compared to the goldmine of day and night game right there in front of you. I did bounce one girl from tinder directly to my hotel though so it's worth pipelining, especially since it's hot and there isn't much to do at the Feria before 5pm on most days. Some girls would be surprised that I was traveling alone, and seemed to think it was strange, so I changed my story about that at one point.

I recommend the Feria wholeheartedly. Social circles are common, but there are so many women there that the odds are in your favor, especially with girls who are visiting for the Feria. You won't find more beautiful Mexican women anywhere.

[Image: CANDIDATAS%2BFNSM%2B02.jpg]
I cosign all stuff written by OP. I sometimes go to Aguascalientes for work and find the women there to be among the finest in the country. The feria is a golden opportunity to visit.
Perfect data sheet.

I regret not being able to be there this year.

(04-30-2015 10:24 AM)getdownonit Wrote: [ -> ][Image: CANDIDATAS%2BFNSM%2B02.jpg]

10/10 WBAT Would Bang All Ten.

Point to note, while these girls appear to be the candidates for "Fair Queen", they are not too far removed from the average girls you would find at the Feria.
I agree germanico. Those are the candidates to be the queen, but there are plenty of similar looking hot women there, either visiting or working as promoters mostly. Even the average woman at Feria is very good looking with less weight issues than I've noticed elsewhere in Mexico.
+1 from me. I can't get enough of this place and I'm one of those Mexican-American guys that like going down there every year Big Grin. I couldn't go this year but I should have. A goldmine for women.

^^^^In regards to the second video, I know the chick in minute 1:57. She used to be my girlfriend in my beta days back 4 years ago or so when I would go from the U.S. to Mexico, she's from Zacatecas. Word has it that she's a school teacher now but looking through some videos of la feria sometimes you wonder damn, what a small world we live in.

[Image: 5709_620494437976637_2055158136_n.jpg?oh...e=5598123E]

Good times.
God I love these women, always have, need to get myself down there more. I say let the oil sheiks have their tinder whores with their fake bodies and dead-fish eyes. To me the type of girls in the OP's pic and MidWest's videos will always be the real "10's", the ones that actually have a feminine glow and joy in their eyes and genuine smiles.

[Image: 7FO3Rbx.jpg]
PSA: Feria de San Marcos this year is April 15 - May 8

[Image: candidatas-reina-feria-san-marcos-2016.jpg]
Anyone going to the feria this year? I'll be there all week. Send a PM if you're interested in meeting up.
Does anybody have any suggestions for hotels or AirBandBs in Aguascalientes? It seems like there are some pretty good hotel options, but I don't know how those places are as far as cockblocking. A irBandBs seem to be few and far between and people who live there have told me the same thing.
(09-20-2016 11:56 PM)Merenguero Wrote: [ -> ]Does anybody have any suggestions for hotels or AirBandBs in Aguascalientes? It seems like there are some pretty good hotel options, but I don't know how those places are as far as cockblocking. A irBandBs seem to be few and far between and people who live there have told me the same thing.

The AirBandB website itself seems to have a lot of good options at good prices. Other similar websites like VRBO have few, if any, options for Aguascalientes.
It’s that time of year again
Bump. Had a chat with getdownonit just now about this. Thanks man!
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