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I have searched the forum and no significant mention has been made of Mozambique yet, so I thought I would write a little about it.

Has anyone on this forum ever been to Mozambique? Is anyone intending to do so? For some reason I'm drawn to this country. I've been to the capital and largest city Maputo many times but mainly on business, so I didn't get a chance to do very much. However, I do have some pointers the interested reader might find useful when travelling there. Most of these are based on experiences in Maputo, however they may also apply to other areas of Mozambique.

Anyone interested in a guide to Maputo?
I'm interested in Mozbque -- Maputo. Pls. post a data sheet.
Haven't been to them, but there are a few small resorts way north of Maputo that are becoming popular with South African tourists. Though they seem expensive. Some you have to charter a plane to get to since the roads are crap.

What is Maputo like? Anything going on business wise aside from the usual UNDP, Unicef, Peace Corp Do Good Industrial Complex?
I have been there. It is an awesome place to go any time of the year due to its location. Was there in winter and basically spent the days on the river in the boat and snorkelling. Think summer, december time, might be a bit too warm. Wouldn't go there for women though. Most of the locals are very poor and I would imagine hiv rate is fairly high. Women are very dark so if that you prefer lighter women then def out of the equation.

In December quite a few tourists go there. The place I stayed though is not the busy area and thus we only ever met 4 other tourists and ended up partying and drinking with them. Really amazing place to go for a few days with some friends but not really a place for rolling solo.

My friend owns a few upmarket guest houses there so if you're keen on going check out the website.
I’ve just realized that this post may be a tad long, so I’ll split it up into bite sized chunks.


Mozambique is on the East Coast of Southern Africa. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, after being ravaged by a long civil war. As a result it is one of the most corrupt places around. As in other Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Angola) the women here are rather sexy. Travelling to Mozambique requires a totally different mind frame since there are no MacDonald’s or other “make you fat and lazy” luxuries found in the developed world. Some parts are almost "4th world" with no electricity, or even canned beans.

When to Go

Depending on what you'd like to do, anytime of the year is suitable for Mozambique. Winter (June) temperatures average around 23 degrees (Celsius) in the day, and 14 degrees at night in Maputo. As you travel further north, temperatures also increase. Beware, as Mozambique is a malaria area. I never take anti malaria medication, but I always make sure I’m plastered in mosquito repellant after every shower. Summers in Maputo are HOT (35+ degrees daytime and 25+ at night) and HUMID (95%+ relative humidity). Lovely weather where all the women have a glow and a slightly stifled look that makes you want to undress them. Tourists arrive there usually close to the Christmas-New Year break, and the whole place is buzzing. Tourists also go to Mozambique during March/April as the weather is cooler. If you are a day person, don’t bother going to Maputo. Rather go to a quieter place such as Bilene or Beira (from what I’ve heard). In Maputo, the city wakes at 8pm and sleeps at 6am. If you're looking to only get laid, year end is best, whereas if you love fishing and a slightly more quiet trip, September is a good time especially for places out of Maputo.

Getting There

Getting into Mozambique usually requires some sort of visa. You'll have to contact your local embassy to find out whether it's issued upon entry as different countries have different visa requirements.
If you are arriving by air, you will most likely be arriving at Maputo International Airport, via one of the neighboring countries. The last time I checked, no direct flights to Maputo from anywhere in Europe were available. I’ve only entered Maputo once by air, and found it to be relatively pleasant.
I have heard of people taking a cruise, either from Durban in South Africa or Zanzibar in Tanzania to Maputo. I have never done this and therefore cannot offer any advice.
Entering Mozambique by car is also possible, through South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi or Tanzania. Upon entry, you will be asked to show the car registration papers, and prove that the car is yours. If the car is rented/borrowed you'll have to produce a letter from the rental company/owner as well. This is because many cars hijacked in Southern Africa make their way to Mozambique and then to the rest of the world. At the Mozambican border you will also be required to purchase third-party insurance for 30 days, even if your vehicle is already insured. This will cost around $30. If you’re driving a 4x4, you will need these little signs with a yellow reflective triangle in the centre attached to your car’s front and rear bumpers. If you are a marijuana user, it’s advisable to travel by car, bringing your own stash with you (hiding it sensibly of course). I say this because I have always struggled to find good weed in Maputo.
Once you cross over the border you will notice people flagging you down with bundles of the local currency, Meticals (Mets). My advice is to do your foreign exchange here as you will get the best rates, and you will save money spending in Mets. Unfortunately they only exchange US Dollars or South African Rand ®. The USD exchange rate is approximately 28 Mets/$ while the ZAR exchange rate is approximately 4 Mets/R. Haggling with them usually gets you a better rate, especially if you speak Portuguese. Make sure not to convert too much cash into Mets because when you leave nobody will be willing to exchange back. You can always convert more $/R at any local Indian or Chinese business if you run out of Mets.
As with most African countries, anyone with a government job (customs/police/military) regards himself as possessing power over you. Therefore, do not EVER be rude to any official in any way, even frowning. Treat them as if they were some sort of king. Police will be likely to stop you at random and find something wrong with your vehicle, trying to extort a bribe. Whether you give a bribe or not is up to your morals, but keep in mind that a cop whom you don't want to bribe can decide to detain you for a night for something silly like having passengers who aren't buckled up. I only bribe with cans of beer, it usually does the trick. Also, if you are faced with a female official, compliment her hairdo and flirt lightly with her.

I'll post more on what to do in Maputo, where to stay, and general tips in a few days time.
(06-16-2011 08:12 AM)Bad Hussar Wrote: [ -> ]What is Maputo like? Anything going on business wise aside from the usual UNDP, Unicef, Peace Corp Do Good Industrial Complex?

There's very much going on there. Many people doing construction, fishing, imports to the rest of Southern Africa. Not advisable to open any sort of retail thing there. It's dominated by Indians who work in a mafia-like way. You can also get into the drug trade. More on that later.
Maputa has a nice nightlife. I partied in the "local" area with mostly Africans which was sorta sketchy and I also partied in the more upscale area near the embassies (forget the name of the area). That area had more Portuguese people, upper class Africans, mixed race ppl, and others (like a few Indians, white tourists, etc). There was a club called Havana I believe which is nice and a few other places across the street that would look good in London or NYC. I was actually impressed.

There are lots of P2P girls that show up later at night in the upscale places so be careful. The non-P2P girls can be friendly, but you really need to speak Portuguese. Even though I don't I got one to dance with me but that was it. I imagine this place could be a mini-Brazil if you spoke Portuguese - the girls have a laid back friendly party attitude thanks to the Portuguese influence.

Maputa has some hot ass girls, esp the Portuguese ones and the mulattos. I noticed this throughout Mozambique. I was in some middle of no where towns in northern Moz and I saw some really hot pure Portuguese girls and mulattos though to be honest you don't see a ton like in Brazil but I was still surprised the Portuguese and mulattos stayed in these random towns even after the civil war.

Tofo is the major beach area north of Maputa. There are lots of racist Afrikaners from South Africa who love to camp and act like assholes, which sucks. But there are also a lot of foreign tourists from all over so if you hang out at the beach bars you can possibly get some action. Vilanculos is another beach area, further north of Tofo, that also is the same deal though the beach and nightlife isn't as nice there (there's a national park you can take a boat too that has amazing beaches though).

Be careful in Moz. The people are very poor and desperate. It had a civil war for 25 plus years and the gov hasn't really been able to do anything to lift people out of poverty. It is probably one of the most unsafe places I have ever been, especially in the north where no tourists go. I got mugged once and had to pay a couple bribes. Also got threatened into paying a few extra bucks by a sleazy violent boat operator. The cops/border officials are as corrupt as fuck. They will want bribes left and right so be careful. It's an interesting country though so don't let this discourage you. Just be careful.
Great place for a beach type holiday. Its cheap as hell and the coastline is unbelievable. I have been a few times, although I always avoided Maputo as much as I could. Its no different to any other African capital like Harare or a very poor Nairobi. So if you are going you want to spend time at the resorts, of which there are a lot. Maputo is a shit pit IMO

There are so many places that offer tons more though? Flying in from Europe or the USA? It does not offer enough IMO. Its dirt poor, dirty and still reeling after the war. If you were in South Africa perhaps worth making the detour, it only a 7 hour drive from JHB (the roads are pretty bad at times, so you want a 4 wheel drive in Moz) but I cant imagine why anyone would make a concerted effort to go there.

Women are predominately black, not mulatto, although there are a few there. HIV is high too, this is southern Africa after all. If you go, spend your time hitting on the tourists instead.
Do women in Mozambique have nice booties?
Its Southern Africa bro.
Has anyone ever been to Pemba? It's in the North of Mozambique and I'll be there on business for a few days next month.
Best girl I ever dated, in terms of personality, was from Mozambique. I got that feeling Roosh describes with Polish girls: "If I had a kid, I'd want it to be with her."

Even better than my best Russian girls.
(06-19-2011 02:53 AM)pitt Wrote: [ -> ]Do women in Mozambique have nice booties?

Look for the girls of Portuguese heritage in Mozambique. It was a colony. Portuguese girls have legendary asses.
I agree with the thread. Local women are easy though not the greatest (unless you're into the look). There are relatively low amounts of mulattos than say South Africa or Namjbia but they tend to be significantly better looking

If you're staying in Maputo then definitely stay in the area around the Polana. That's typically the upmarket area - the clubs are nothing great though.

If you have a special lady you want to treat, mates/ a family or parents you want to suprise then Moz is an ideal destination. With the exception of maybe Portugal, it's probably cheaper to fly in to Johannesburg drive through the Kruger Park and into Moz. The great thing about Moz is that most places have economy accomodation in great spots if 5 star is out of your budget.

4x4 are no longer needed to access most places thanks to the Chinese. New roads built from Kosi bay to Maputo, Komatiepoort to Maputo and from Maputo going North (Xai-Xai, Vilanculos (sp?) etc.)

Hear great things about Pemba but its a stretch. A great place to gather info is DriveMoz (search th group on facebook), the best place for (non-game) advice on Moz
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