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Full Version: In what countries pipelining is necessary
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During the winter in Europe pipelining could be a good idea, but what about places like Thailand? I am disgusted by websites like thaifriendly or even tinder. It ruins the authentic feeling when you come to a country and meet a woman from the internet. Isn't it better to daygame in Bangkok than sit in your hotel room and use okcupid? Of course if that is the way in a specific country because of the culture I can understand.
If a dating website disgusts you then you should...

Online dating isn't necessary anywhere. If you don't like it, don't do it.
You dont need to pipeline in thailand if you dont want to. At most you can swipe on Tinder once you're there.
You don't need to make things harder for yourself for the sake of authenticity in this context.
to pipeline or not to pipeline that's the question.
I opened an account just to check it, got too many messages from ladyboys
any good website?
Here is the thing with pipelining:

It can be useful if you only have a short amount of time in a new country/city (that is not ridiculously easy like Philippines or Thailand) and want to get the flag. It can also be useful if you want to go on a pussy mission and don't want to waste a single day without a new lay. If you aim for quality instead of quantity, pipelining or Online Game in general is not the best way to do it.
Colombia and Brazil... specially if you don't know Spanish or Portuguese.
Also, I would venture to guess that, at least 80 percent of the bangs most of US get in both countries, are from online.
To have the best experience, overall in South America, you need to pipeline. Day gaming is a great tool, but it will not be your "bread and butter" there.
We tend to go back to the method that leads to the most success. I know guys that are great at Daygame but don't have the motivation, stamina or will to run effective Nightgame. Why force a particular method if it isn't your preference?

Pipielining is a great tool to hit the ground running and to line up girls before your arrival. If you aren't satisfied with the quality from online, don't force the issue. Run your preferred Game once your boots are on the ground.
Escape the west only to do the same shit that we don't like the west for
You should definitely pipeline for anywhere in North Africa and the Levant.

I'm currently in Morocco and the nightlife is pretty much non-existent.
Thaifriendly is the easiest and most efficent way at meeting non pro girls. There's a decent supply of attractive women too.

Or you could go to one of the boring as hell thai clubs and likely strike out but hey you'd be able to tell people you dont use thaifriendly.
(01-13-2016 03:34 AM)pizdets Wrote: [ -> ]Or you could meet all your women online but hey you don't even need game for that and can be an Indian.

7-day suspension for race trolling.
So someone who uses thaifriendly or tinder has no game and is incapable of meeting women by other means. Ok got you.

I guess I will cancel my account, delete all my line contacts from there many who are hot and keen so I can be a more authentic player.
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