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Full Version: Fashion designer friend
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My friend is a fashion designer and he wants to know what city to move to. I say Paris. But, I don't know what he likes.
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Is 11 posts that point where they say "I've made 10 shitty one line posts and nothing's happened. Fuck it, ima start a thread and get that banhammer happenin'. Woooooooo!"?
Dont mind the trolls, this guy has made 11 extremely low effort posts
I posted this in one of his "which one" threads

(07-12-2016 01:09 AM)GlobalMan Wrote: [ -> ]In case you're genuine OP- read all the relevant information and make your own decision. There is no "best" anything.

You're not exactly starting off your membership here on the best terms by doing very little research and then treating the forum as a personal Q&A service.

If you want useful advice then craft a question that shows you value the time of the fine and experienced men here- Explain what you're looking for in a place and your preferences, explain what you've already read about the choices (as you should have read extensively before now), and then ask a some specific questions if need be.

Starting single-line broad question threads from your phone isn't the way to do it.

He then PM'd -

[Image: 60x1RSw.png]

After his response I knew I had been duped:

[Image: hmLVGWU.png]
He should go the place where most people love to do fashion. Los Angeles is the most amazing place where people use to do fashion a lot
[Image: j1LAWT5.gif?noredirect]
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