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Full Version: Newcastle, Australia 2016 Datasheet
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Newcastle, Australia 2016

Venues in this datasheet are listed in what I rank them (best at the top).

1. About:
Newcastle was originally a miner/steel smelting town which attracted a lot of families in the 19th/20th century… other than that there is almost no history.
The city itself has over 300,000 people and has no real CBD as it’s very spread out.
Prices are around Sydney prices, if not then it's a bit more expensive due to the lack of restaurants.
This city will have a lot more old people than other cities. A lot of single mums too (due to more lower-class people).
Recently a lot of non-white people have moved to Newcastle (Asian and black mainly).

2. Social game:
The same as most small cities in Australia. Do classes at the university, take up dancing, sports (a lot of quality women there).

3. Day game:
Darby street: Full of cafes, the hipster place to be (for Newcastle standards). Women there in the day are usually relaxing and open to be gamed.

Wharf: Women there are most likely exercising or enjoying the water view (no swimming). Has some expensive cafes and restaurants. Some Sundays there are day events which acts as an excuse for trashy women to drink at 1pm; be more energetic at that time and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Honeysuckle: Similar to the wharf but a lot more commercialised and a bit cheaper. People go there for a reason usually; day game is still possible, but older crowd and busy people are about in the weekdays.

Kortara: The biggest mall, women are occasionally open for a conversation but most go there for a reason and don’t want people to get in their way (normal for cute Australian women). Solid day game is needed.

Charlestown: Same as Kortara but slightly less fancy.

Good routes: Wharf to Nobby’s point, Darby street cafe rectangle, Honeysuckle.

3a. Gutter game:
Finnegans to Delaneys: Hit up that route and you can’t go wrong. Plenty of women stumbling to/from venues.

4. Night game:
All bars have ‘lockout’ at 1am. You cannot get in any venue after that time, hence nights start at 9pm and get big at 11pm. Be there at 10pm. Don’t bother with weeknights (exception for Wednesday).
Approach cocky and often and you’ll be in the top 10%. Wear a button-up shirt and nice shoes.
ONS culture exists and it’s okay to kiss in a club.
Women that dress badly are probably university students (ONS less likely), dressing nice shows an intent for why they went out (especially since they came so far).

King Street hotel:
Be there Friday night. Cheap drinks and a LOT of young women. This place is almost all dance game as it’s incredibly loud. There are 3 or 4 dance floors. The smokers area has potential.

Friday/Saturday night is good. Dirtier than King Street hotel but that doesn't say much. A few tables with a great setup to open women. Downstairs is normal club music. Upstairs is R&B. Almost all guys in this place are betas.

Bars on Darby street:
Similar to Honeysuckle hotel but better ratios/younger women. Easy to bar-hop on.

Honeysuckle hotel:
A lot more upmarket. Full of sausage and my opinion is the setup makes it hard to approach. Classier women, but 2:1 ratio makes it bit shitty for game.

Only been here once which was a Wednesday night which is university student night. It was packed and full of good talent. Dress down a bit (polo shirt instead of button-up).

4a. The groups of women:
Group A: 25+yo white girls night out. Some of these women may or may not have kids. They’re looking for a night out with their friends. Easily attainable if you look fun and classy.

Group B: University students. They usually go to the bars with a beta guy who will do a bad job at guarding her. If he isn’t beta, then approach him first and then disarm. Hamstering for her is needed as she’ll need time to open up.

Group C: Ethnic women. Will use their friend as a crutch. You better have a good wing-man!

5. Online game:
Tinder is the main platform and is over-tapped and almost useless... unless you like whales.
If you guys go down that rabbit-hole, have VERY good photos and be acockiest asshole before making genuine conversation.
Women generally go on Tinder to boost their self-esteem, not to bang.

6. Logistics:
Not many women live in/near the city. Some come an hour drive from the city. Have a place near Darby street cafes or in Honeysuckle and you will pull fine and not have to risk a taxi.
Date venues are Darby street or the beach (or be creative).

7. Competition:
Those who game don’t have a technique. They might make 2 approaches per night. One-itis is huge here. 90% of men don’t approach.
70% of men don’t know class even if they were in a school. Chinos and button up in the day and night works wonders (nice shorts in the summer).

8. Conclusion:
Newcastle is better than Sydney for game as there are no tourists. Still nowhere near pussy paradise, but once you adapt there is potential.
Women want an alpha, cocky, adventurous, high SMV, classy man which Newcastle lacks. Be a good dancer and talker and you’ll go far. The bitchy women need to be negged a bit before they open up. Game is small here, so be smart.

Come here for a reason; that reason better not be banging because you’ll give up easily.

Good luck. Hit me up if you need any more pointers.
You can drive to Newcastle from Sydney. I went there once as a teenager (with family) years ago. The CBD is somewhat run down (albeit slowly improving), but some of the beaches are nice. The city is gradually becoming gentrified over time as people (many young families) priced out of the Sydney housing market are slowly moving there.
(09-20-2016 11:00 PM)Australia Sucks Wrote: [ -> ]You can drive to Newcastle from Sydney. I went there once as a teenager (with family) years ago. The CBD is somewhat run down (albeit slowly improving), but some of the beaches are nice. The city is gradually becoming gentrified over time as people (many young families) priced out of the Sydney housing market are slowly moving there.

I agree. Head out of the city/Kortara/Charlestown and there is nothing but old people/bogans.

To add:
King Street Hotel: $10 entry Fri/Sat. I'll add a bit on the floors:
G: RNB area near smokers pit. Use this floor if you're a good dancer. Doesn't get too packed here. There's also a main dance floor playing typical top 40 music... if you aren't tatted up and 7ft, forget about it.
1: Area with raver music/people most likely on pills. I've never gamed that before, but if you know how to game that scene, hit me up.
2: Head here on a Friday/Saturday night. It has a perfect layout with couches and isn't crowded. The music is a bit loud, but use it as an excuse to get closer.

Delaney's: There's a classic Australian pub area in there. Great setup to approach and chill out away from loud as fuck music. Good for Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night. People go there for pre-drinks (9-11pm). Doesn't get too crowded.

Five Sawyers: Very good setup and a bit up-market. Although very crowded on a Saturday night. Consider getting there early.

Anyone in the area? Hit me up.
Wow a Newcastle datasheet.

I'm from the Central Coast, which is essentially gap in between Newy and Sydney, and with the exception that the Coast is a lot more confined than Newcastle is, the demographics are extremely similar.

A lot of Lower-Middle Class and Institutionalised people live here. In the case of the latter you have multiple generations who have not worked but claimed disability benefits. A lot of single mothers, a lot of disabled people from in-breeding.

The guys might be some of the best looking in the world (no homo), we're talking hordes of me who hit the gym, get tattoos and work physically intensive jobs. Think Bra Boys. The girls don't usually graduate high school, they drop out, go to tafe and have children young. You don't see many girls over 21 here that actually look good.

The place is a black hole. It's nice to be there occasionally but unless you have a real reason to live there, such as work for instance, then it's not worth visiting.
Bump. Anyone around?
I was there in February with a plate from Bali so cant comment about the nightlife, but just a few comments and observations.

The CBD is definitely gentrifying some and the economy seems to be diversifying. I would recommend it as a couple of nights away as I did. Few good bars, café and restaurants in Beaumont Street which is near the Air Bnb we stayed. East to get around with Uber.

The beaches are scenic and there's a great walk that stretches the East beaches there well worth doing.

Blackbutt Reserve with all the Aussie fauna ( if you've got a foreign visitor) ticks that box and stops the annoying requests to see a kangaroo.

Foghorn Brew house has some quality craft beers which I haven't seen available anywhere else.

Would imagine game would be similar to most other medium sized cities in Australia. Waspy, alcohol fuelled, insular and anything of any quality with be snapped up early with several kids or moved to Sydney.

Overall definitely worth a visit though, especially for me and my reasons.
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