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Full Version: Anjuna Beach, Goa DATASHEET - 6 girls in 8 days in India
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A bit overdue. Back in Feb this year I visited India for a month. I wasn't hoping to get laid there at all really. It is, you know, India... But I booked Goa into the trip because I read good things.

First, don't go to India in general for the girls. I think this goes without saying. Unless you are rolling with upper class Indians all the time, there are almost no hot Indian chicks. Not my type anyway.

I was getting with girls from the hostels I was staying at in the rest of India, but that doesn't really count. Just go to SEA and stay in hostels if you want that, probably better from what I've heard.

But Goa is worth writing about. Fuck I had a crazy eight days there. It is where a lot of Indians go to party, like their Las Vegas, sort of. The place is full of foreigners.

Hippies. Vagabonds. Backpackers. Goa Trance music is everything here. Beach parties every night somewhere where everyone is high or drunk. People fucking on the beach. That's the vibe. If you want a Different Out of the Ordinary experience, head to Goa. It's nuts.

To frame my experience: 20y/o Aussie bloke, I spent about $500AUD all up while I was there including price of the room (8 days), I stayed at The Prison hostel which I recommend highly. I was 10 minute walk from the beach.

I also hate electronic music. I entered the nightlife scene in Medellin where I lived for a bit and love latin music, chilling with a girl and spitting Spanish game, the salsa/merengue-->bachata-->reggaeton-->hotel progression. Totally opposite to Goa. So I was a fish out of water there.

I was walking around at these dance parties with everyone around me OFF THEIR FUCKING FACES while I was stone cold sober. Weird.

If you like that music you're in for a treat, otherwise, it's game as usual. There are some cool non-trance clubs which I'll mention, but generally the whole place is designed to get you fucking if your logistics are good.


1) Just stay somewhere in Anjuna beach. It's a great location. (Full moon) beach parties at Curlies are sick (, and there are bars all along Anjuna beach. People come in from other parts of North Goa to party in Anjuna.

As I said, I got a private room in a hostel - why would you stay in a dorm? You're expecting to pull most nights, if not every night. Worth it. Set me back about $25AUD a night if I remember correctly.

2) Get a scooter. Hire a scooter for $5 or less a day. They are fucking incredible. Most of the people in Goa are cheap as fuck, and won't spend this small amount on a scooter. Having one is SO convenient. But, dangerous.

You can buy petrol in used bottles from shops on the side of the road.

I wore my helmet a couple of trips, but nobody wears their helmet in Goa. With a scooter your logistics are going to be EASY, taxis SUCK and are expensive in goa so once a chick hears you've got a scooter, boom done deal. Also good for day trips.

Funny story I took a weed edible in the morning with a few others from the hostel. Then I forgot I took it. Drove really far on the scooter (30 mins) to a market, then just as I arrived I felt the weed start to hit. I freaked the fuck out and sped back to the hostel. Every minute I was getting more high, and it was a race against time to get back before I was driving HIGH. Got back safe, but my last 5 mins on the scooter were really fucking dangerous.

Otherwise, you're gonna be walking everywhere. Which is okay because places are close, but fuck it's annoying.

During the day WHAT TO DO:

1) Chill at the beach. Water is WARM. It's amazing. People come up to sell shit to you. I had some old dude clean out my ear, pretend to have pulled out rocks and charge me $10 for the service. Oh yeah... SCAMS ARE EVERYWHERE IN INDIA. Don't give people shit. But it's chill.

2) Take drugs, drink with people you meet. Alcohol from stores is cheap.

3) Shopping is terrible. Basically just tons of identical cheap clothing and jewelry stores. Indians are scam artists, so be careful about overpaying. Don't trust anyone. They won't hurt you, but they'll be happy to take your cash.

That said, I bought a few dope Ganesh t-shirts for $4AUD which get heaps of compliments here. Also get some Ali Baba pants, they are INCREDIBLE after-sex garments. Trust me on this one. Load up.

4) fuck

5) Drive around on your mo-ped and explore. 10/10 recommend. India is fucked up and it'll blow your mind.

Where to go out AT NIGHT:

Saturday night - Go to the Saturday Night Flea Market in Arpora. It's buzzing.

The craziest hippies you will ever meet all congregate here.

They have a couple of open air dance floors higher up, where all the music is coming from. I believe it is pretty good some other days too, but check with some locals to be sure.

Food stalls from all over the world. It is fucking insane.

My first time here I picked up an Italian/Indian/South African Nightlife Princess/Model. This girl was a 10 if I've ever seen one. We spent the night club hopping, she knew everywhere to go, and knew all the club owners. Fuck, she should be writing this datasheet. An unbelievable night. She probably bought me $50 worth of drinks, I'm just realising now. LOL We were both 20 at the time, and it was one of the best nights of my life.

My second time here I was with these three girls (NYC/Moroccan/Nebraskan) who I met earlier that evening near our hostel who were studying in some shithole Indian city and there for a couple of days break. I'm getting along great with the Nebraskan (hot blond lesbian (found out later) hippie traveller) and Morrocan, but the Georgian background NYC girl is in her own world. I had my flight out that evening at 3am and had to be in a taxi there by 2am.

Eventually I split off with the smoking hot NYC girl for a few minutes as we walk off to wander around a bit, and really this is the first time we are speaking together. My game is unusually tight for the few minutes we're talking. It's 11pm and I just tell her straight up: "My flight leaves in a couple of hours, and I don't have a room at the hostel but my bags are there, so I LITERALLY CAN'T fuck you BECAUSE THERE IS NOWHERE TO DO IT, but I would love to fuck the shit out of you". Next thing you know we are fucking in someone elses dorm room bed at my hostel after a 10 min scooter ride (smooth), and people are walking into the room, so we have to move a few times around the hostel. Awkward, but hot.

This is to say that despite it being hippie vibes and all, there are some seriously hot girls, and you should plan on spitting some mad club game even though it's a flea market.

Basically - confirms my scooter recommendation - mainly international crowd you're going for here obviously - at the flea market, approach like crazy, there are so many people moving around everywhere, and so much crazy stuff to make passing comments on that if you can't get laid here, you have zero game.

Curlies AND Shiva Valley (right next to each other located on Anjuna beach)

Goa trance is crazy here. Everyone is high and drunk. If you like to dance, dance. But it's NOT NOT NOT the sort of dancing where you approach girls. People dance by themselves to this music.

I recommend getting some smokes/drinks and hitting the beach directly in front of the clubs and approaching in a cool passive manner. The vibe is chill but hardcore partying at the same time - it's weird. If you are at the bar in curlies, try and hit on girls ordering drinks, as usual.

I approached a real fly REDhead Montreal girl with a cheap cigar at the bar. She thought he cigar was a nice touch. Her brother (who was totally cool with me) and a couple of other French guys joined us and the conversation switched to French - of which I speak none.
Excluded. French Guys - 1, Me - 0.

They were massive cockblocks and wouldn't leave us.

She told me she wanted to fuck me on the beach (go for it in Goa!) after a couple of hours hanging out, but these dumb fucking drunk French guys were white knighting and wanted to 'protect' her from my smooth self and eventually fucked me off. Oh well. Beware the cockblockers here -- BECAUSE, it's so easy to get lost and feel alone at these trance parties. Not much mingling happens on the dance floor, so people don't want to leave people they're with to go hang out alone, it's easy to get lost.

Took a loss that night, but still had fun partying till the sun came up.

Isolate hard here, there's lots of opportunity for venue switches all along Anjuna beach, and inside the clubs (upstairs/downstairs).

Hilltop, Vagator

Rocked up here at like 4am with a bunch of dudes who wouldn't get away from me and my buddy from the hostel. I get the sense this would have been a really dope party earlier in the night, but by 4am there were people who had been up dancing for HOURS solo and the vibe was a little 'time to go home'. Can't say much, but heard good things.

Club Cabana

I came here a couple of times and it fucking rocks. There is an R&B area inside (thank god. I was over the endless trance shit) - and surprisingly a bit of reggaeton. I was in my element here. If I hadn't had such success at that fucking flea market of all places, this would be my #1 spot.

I came with a big group from the hostel (with my trusty scooter of course), once on LADIES night, where girls don't pay for anything or somethine, and once on a normal night. If I remember correctly, on ALL nights, once you pay the $20AUD cover charge (1000 rupees) you drink for free. Unlimited drinks inside... it's crazzzyyy and there are soo many drunk girls.

Again, a big Russian hub. Russians everywhere, although one local source tells me that 95% of the Russian girls that come to Goa are pros (in Russia). Not sure about that stat from my experience, but the Russians that do come here are mostly shady as fuck. Luckily my height, cheeky grin, and very basic Russian got me out of trouble with a few aggressive Russian chumps on whose girls I was macking.

Girls here are pretty hot, at least the foreign ones, but unfortunately there were a lot of normal middle class Indian girls when I went, which watered down the pool of hotties.

Club cabana is great. If you're in Goa you've got to visit. My recommendation is to get a couple of drinks from the bar (they're free once you pay cover, yep), and pretend to look for your friend, sit next to a hot girl and tell her she can have your friends drink since you can't find them.

Alternatively normal caveman game or 'get them drunk on free drinks game' works wonders.

Funny story: one time in the R&B section I had 3 tall blonde girls (Brit, Canadian, Aussie) didn't know each other otherwise)) with me dancing who were from the hostel. The social proof was off the charts. Young suave blond aussie bloke surrounded by 3 blondes in the middle of an indian packed club. I got approached by 3 girls in ~15 minutes I KID YOU NOT. It was a massive anomaly in The Game for me, since I'm not usually surrounded by 3 blondes, as I roll solo a lot, and don't have a entourage of female friends. I couldn't believe how girls throw themselves at you if you have other girls with you. An interesting moment for me.

The resulting recommendation is meet some backpackers from hostels before you hit up Club Cabana and roll with them on down, and stay with your group and bounce around doing approaches.

Another recommendation, try and approach the Russian GROUPS. They should let you in if you're cool and try to practice your Russian. Then ask to go dance and pull away the hot one. Isolate hard here. Good thing is there are lots of 'hiding spots' and nooks and crannies so to speak, in case you need to escape the wrath of the jealous Russian guys or just finger a girl in the corner. I also recommend scoping out the place for 15-30 minutes when you arrive to get to know the cool spots and get familiar with the club - it's big.


Goa is mad. I'm going back, next time for a couple of months or more. The partying and lawlessness make the place hectic. No police ANYWHERE. Let me know how you go there Wink
So that's where the Anjunabeats name comes from Smile

Cool sheet. Maybe a bit ratchet for me but sounds like a good time
OP, what about the language barriers? What did you use?
OP - Which flags did you manage to pick-up?
How many Indians did you bang?
Great sheet. Thanks. Thumb up

Edit: curious about the language barrier as well.
Good Datasheet. I had it on my bucket list for many years, but never seemed to make it there.

I'm sure some of those tourist girls could make their own Datasheets: "Arjuna Beach, Goa - 27 guys in 5 nights."
You closed 6 girls in 8 days?

Not doubting you but I'd love more details.
just English, besides the Russians everyone spoke english there. However I did use Spanish with a Brazilian girl staying at the hostel. Took her for a day trip up to vagator beach (i think thats the name of the beach) and then got back to the hostel...

Also got with another Aussie chick.

As I said, a NYC girl, but already had a Nyc flag

Also the one I met at night market I have no idea which flag she is. Her english was a weird international accent, and she grew up in South Africa with her rich Italian Dad and half Indian mum.

Then got with a native Goan girl who blew my mind, a fucking freak. She was married too. And drove me back to her place, she told her friends she needed to get changed (at 2am) as an excuse to bolt, and told me to fuck her as rough as I possibly could.

The brazilian above, and also got with a mad fly Russian girl who was engaged back home and I was her second (she told me, not sure if I believe her).

That Russian girl I will remember forever as the best blow of my life. You know how you watch a blowjob video and it's the best youve seen in years? It was like that but for 20 minutes. Such a sweet girl

Omg I miss Goa hahahha
Thanks for that sheet. This has put India on my map, never considered going before that.

Yes please talk more about you success with women and your tactics.

Also if you think Goa in February is the best time and place, can you chime in on this thread?
India: Hot girls, getting laid, having a good time?

Yeah great sheet man. Sounds like a blast. What's the age range of folks partying there?
Nice data sheet. Goa is on my list of place to go. I'm a huge fan of psytrance so going for the music and "out of body" experiences is a high priority. I can't think of many better things in life than hitting parties like that and eating some pussy on the beach at sunrise. How is Goa in January? I may swing by in 2017 for a week and check it out.
Goa has always been the anamoly in India. Someone mentions that the datasheet is a bit ratchet, this is true and I don't think it should be thought of as insulting. Rather these are the kind of "rustic" circumstances where you as a young guy can get away living like a bum and still smashing like a rock star. I encourage all young guys to embrace these kind of trips.
Wow, never thought Indian nightlife (even Goa) could be so much fun. Couple of questions:

Was there much competition around?

How would you describe your looks? Height, attractiveness etc. just curious as you seemed to get laid like a rock star.
Yeah I think the idea of Goa is for things to get a little 'ratchet', so to speak. It really is quite a unique place.

To be honest, while I rolled up to that mad model girl with a Camel cigarette in hand with the attitude of a total G, I had STAR STICKERS on my face (I have a pic hahaha) and my alibaba pants were completely ripped down the crotch. As the night went on, the rip got WAY worse like you could see half my legs and my underpants while I walked bad. And this girls' friends were floating around us a bit too, but she was the alpha of her group so they weren't giving her shit that my pants were ripped and I looked like an idiot. If that isn't ratchet, I dunno what it.


As I remember, the competition was low. Just hippie dudes who stink after sweating in a tropical environment for a week and not showering running hippie/drug game - whatever that is.

To be clear, 'the most interesting man in the world' game is not the sort of game to be relying on here - I don't think. Doesn't distinguish you enough. That is standard game everyone has got there.

I mean, you're in fucking India. Everyone is smack bang in the middle of a supposedly life changing spiritual journey - or some shit.

As I said @Adrenaline, my nightlife adventures have their start in the streets of Medallo. My game style is a mix between Aussie cheek, hard Braziliero escalation, and romantic body language/eye contact a lo Colombiano. Important to recognise that most of the chumps that visit Goa aren't the douchebag pickup type and are mostly soft, cheapskate backpackers who keep repeating how 'fucked up' they are every 15 minutes.

My looks: 6'2" blonde blue eye, good frame okay face, maybe a 7-7.5 back then, closer to 8 now as I've been in the gym a lot. I get mistaken for scandinavian a lot.

I really recommend this trip to everyone, it's such a weird experience you can't have elsewhere, but you've just gotta visit Delhi/Jaisalmer/Varanasi while you're in India as well.
I was there a few years ago, had a blast and the food was excellent, competition was non existent. How did you find the hordes of thirsty Indian dudes? They ever try to snake your chicks when your back was turned?
Age range.... 18-99+ LOL

I got off the train and headed straight to curlies bar at about midday to have a drink with a few people I met on the train from Mumbai to Goa. I had not much idea of what to expect coming in.

We split a taxi to curlies (near our hotels), and on the way I keep seeing western hippie guys and gals in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s riding bikes without helmets on. I thought 'wow this is strange'. We rock up to curlies and spent at least half an hour ripping on people sitting on the beach below us.

60 year old American looking dude with crazy tan and purple spiked hair - check.
40s couple with dreadlocks down to their waists - check.
Lady in her 70s with only bikini bottom on, and skin like a worn tan leather bag, yum Wink - check.
Group of ~15 horny skinny fat indian guys wearing rolled up slacks and polos walking around on the sand, and taking pictures of girls in bikinis around them - check.

The joint is wack.

one morning I was rolling with this group of 4 aussies my age also from Sydney to the beach for a chill day. Of us 5, there were 2 girls, blonde beach babe and asian-aussie stunner. Both 8s. Beautiful.

We were sitting on the beach and we spotted a big group of indian dudes in the distance coming our way. We had a soccer ball so started kicking it between us and left the girls a minute away.

One of the indian guys comes up to us and tries to join our Aussie triangle, we kick him the ball and he misses and slips over. We lose it, start cracking up, and start a no indian policy in our kicking triangle. A couple more try to join but we are too skillful with the ball and they can't get to it. They get the message and fuck off.

Then as we go back to sit with the 2 girls, these 3 or 4 indian guys approach us ---- AND THESE MUTHAFUCKAS PULL OUT THEIR iPhone‚ĄĘs and STRAIGHT UP start snapping pics of our bikini clad girls. I ask them nicely if they could leave us, but don't get the message.

Then one of them tries to GET BEHIND THE BLONDIE AND POSE WITH HER for a photo which his buddy is taking AS SHE IS TURNING HER BACK WITH HER HAND TO THE CAMERA.

He is grinning as if he had just said the word CHEESE.

Last straw, I get up and staunch this prick with the camera and try to grab his phone off him. They get it and get lost.
(10-13-2016 07:35 AM)elRey Wrote: [ -> ]My looks: 6'2" blonde blue eye

Lol with those stats you're already in the top 5% of looks for men worldwide, easy. Throw in the total lack of competition, free-spirited women - and if she's traveling to India and partying in Goa, you know she's at least open minded with no hang ups about sex - I'd be surprised if you didn't totally kill it.

Kudos man, looks like you had a great fuckin time :-D

On the whole, what would you rate girls in hostels as, in terms of looks? You mentioned a couple stunners, but what's the median quality like? Here in NYC you almost never see talent in the hostels, not sure what the quality is like in places like India or SEA or SA.
(10-13-2016 08:09 AM)jselysianeagle Wrote: [ -> ]On the whole, what would you rate girls in hostels as, in terms of looks? You mentioned a couple stunners, but what's the median quality like? Here in NYC you almost never see talent in the hostels, not sure what the quality is like in places like India or SEA or SA.

Actually pretty good quality. Girls who come to Goa from the West tend to be more interesting travellers at least and I think that might correlate with better looking girls. my experience was good at Prison Hostel. I don't think sample size was big enough tbh, but compared to girls I've seen at other hostels worldwide it was better.
I will make it to this place and I will listen to this song there

(10-13-2016 07:35 AM)elRey Wrote: [ -> ]Important to recognise that most of the chumps that visit Goa aren't the douchebag pickup type and are mostly soft, cheapskate backpackers who keep repeating how 'fucked up' they are every 15 minutes.

This cracked me the fuck up

Goa's been on my list, but India is a douchebag when it comes to visas and I might not ever end up there. Regardless I always thought Mumbai would be the place to get laid. You make Goa sound like Koh Phangan in Thailand. I also love the mention of scooters, because I rely on scooters 100% for my game and it's good to know it's still a fairly hidden secret out there.
Nice dude, cool write up. I'll be there for New Years in a few weeks but will be staying down near Calangute Beach. Any recommendations for that area or just head to anjuana beach?
I got one night solo so I'll book a room at the prison hostel and try to smash Big Grin
Don't visit India.

Let me say it again: DONT COME HERE. It's just not worth it. There are a lot of interesting places in the world.
i am soon to be 18 in 2-3 months so can i go holidaying in goa with my friends??
will it be a good trip or there will be many troubles??
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