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Full Version: Wisconsin (Madison) Data Sheet
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Wisconsin, United States Data Sheet

Overview of the State
This state embodies almost everything it means to be part of the Midwest. The main industry is dairy. The state is composed of vast swaths of farmland, a generous sprinkling of medium-sized “cities” (population of 20,000 – 150,000) and then two keystone cities (Madison & Milwaukee). The state as a whole is conservative, particularly up North. However the millennials are quickly embracing more liberal ideology—even in smaller towns. The people are generally very pleasant and provincial, retaining some stoicism from their Scandinavian roots.

No matter where you are talking about in the state, I’d be willing to bet that the average forum member would consider winters here brutal. It gets really cold (there’s almost always a day or two where wind chill temp clocks in below -40 degrees F). I’m gonna go ahead and say DO NOT COME after November - March unless you really enjoy winter sports like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, etc…

I’ve collectively spent more time then I’d like to admit scavenging this state, and noticed there was a gap in content for the upper Midwest, so I decided to jump in.

The women
I’m going to be honest, I think a lot of forum members glorify the quality of Midwest girls. Madison and Milwaukee run about 6 months behind all fashion trends on the coast. Smaller towns can run way more than a year behind, or never catch up. If you go up to small towns in the Northern part of the state, you will find girls who consider hunting camouflage clothing acceptable formal-wear and they consider Target high-end (I’m completely serious).

[Image: --wedding-dresses-camouflage-pink-1.jpg]

What’s more- the diet is horrendous. Fried cheese curds (exactly what they sound like) are a Wisconsin delicacy. Many people eat a lot of fast food and even legit, traditional Midwest recipes are very carb, butter and salt heavy.

Finally, the harsh climate and short swimsuit season don’t incentivize the people to watch what they eat and prioritize fitness because they can cover their fat rolls under heaps of winter-wear.

You can probably surmise that these aren’t optimal conditions for producing beautiful women. The average Midwest girl is a slightly chubby plain-Jane type. So get it out of your head right now that you’re going to come here and find yourself surrounded by petite Scandinavian girls with big tits and small waste lines.

But here’s why I think people hype the Midwest so much:

Your competition sucks.

Big time.

If you are someone who has spent a modicum of time and energy cultivating hobbies interesting hobbies that don’t include playing video games, watching Netflix or drinking alcohol, you will be ahead of the curve.

In the smaller towns there will be plenty of farm guys with strong frames who do manual labor all day, but in the cities it’s a different story. The average Wisconsinite male is football obsessed, overweight, has a wardrobe that consists of athletic shorts, jeans, tennis shoes and maybe a couple Abercrombie and Fitch polos for good measure. More importantly, they are beta.

Remember, for most of the women, going to one of the coasts or a beach on Florida is a big fucking deal. Leaving the country to go to Cancun or a Caribbean cruise is practically going off the grid.

The coasts are viewed as “super cool”. So if you are reppin east or west side, you’re already at a huge advantage. If you are foreign from a cool country, its game over. Especially if you are European or Australian- COME HERE.

So to re-emphasize, even though I actually think the quality is lower than what many forum members may be used to, I think most forum members will be able to punch above their weight-class and access the top 20% of women.

While Wisconsin is no poosey paradise, the top women here have a great look to them. Southern Wisconsin, particularly Milwaukee has a heavy polish presence similar to Chicago. Below is an example of a polish dancing student (on the left) that I swooped:

[Image: imageedit_4_8809943594.jpg]

Don’t be afraid to be bold and approach without abandon. Most guys don’t do this and you will stand out. There is not as much of a tolerance for age gap as there would be in a city like Chicago.

Posting second half in a separate post so I can include more pictures.

[Image: wisconsin_badgers_cheerleaders.jpg]

Madison is—above all—a university town. You will struggle here if you are above 35 and even 30s is pushing it if you want to have access to the best girls. If you are on the older side of 30, Milwaukee will serve you much better. If you are a bit older, I recommend pretending to be a graduate student.

People here are very liberal and there is a strong hippy vibe, however there are still plenty of proper college sluts to go around.

[Image: downtown_map.jpg]

There are three main centers for nightlife in Madison: State Street, Capital Square and East Side / Willy Street. I would recommend against the East Side / Willy Street as this seems to be where the highest concentration of ultra-liberal / hipster girls hang out. For university girls, hit bars on State Street. Some of the hotspots are listed below:

State Street Brats: This is a good place to start the night. There is both a ground level and an upper level. The upper level will transform into a dance club at some point. I’ve had the most success here. On Thursdays they run a promotion where you can flip a coin and call it. If you call it correctly, you get half off your drink bill. This is an excellent way to break the ice with girls. Bring them in on the excitement, asking them to call the coin flip for you.

Mondays: This place is worth checking out as a secondary to Brats. There is a heavy sorority / fraternity presence, so you must be able to cut through that bullshit and deal with AMOGs. But the girls can be pretty good quality.

Whiskey Jacks Saloon: This venue is always open the latest, so it serves as a last ditch effort when all of the other bars close. Speaking of which, bar close on weekends is 2am. This place will usually stay open until 2:30. During the week, bars will sometimes even close down at 1 am or 12:30 if they are not making enough money.

Kollege Klub or KK: I fucking hate this place, but it is a pretty popular spot among students. It is where the Division 1 athletes go after their games. It attracts girls that are really looking to sleep with athletes or fratstars, so you really need to be on top of your game to pick up girls here. I would go as far as saying don’t come here unless you already have a girl on the hook and just need a quick venue change. They typically have some local dj playing very loud trash music making it really difficult to cold approach.

Sotto: From my understanding, this used to be a gay bar (and still kind of is) but too many straight people started coming here. It’s a great spot for pickup. This is probably my second favorite spot after Brats. There is a dancefloor and the music is much better than any other venue on State Street.

The other major hotspot of nightlife is Capital Square (the square of buildings surrounding the capital building). This area draws an older crowd of young professionals, so there will be significantly less undergraduate students. The drinks are classic cocktails instead of rum and coke. I’m not as familiar with this area because I prefer the undergraduates, but one place to start would be Merchant’s cocktail lounge.

For day game troll the Library Mall at the end of State Street and State Street itself. There are also some great cafes on University avenue that are suitable for day game. There is also a Whole Foods (it’s cliché for a reason) that I have gotten good results from.

Another fantastic spot is the Hoofer Sailing Club on the lakeshore. You might find some girls that actually cultivate cool hobbies. In my experience, the guys here won’t cockblock unless you’re a dick. Befriend them and they will give you the lowdown of the city.
I know you guys like pictures so here are two more examples of the top shelf girls that exist in Madison. I have not fucked either of them, but I have interacted with and gamed both of these girls. My buddy was the Biology T.A. (he’s a grad student) of the top girl. I met the bottom girl at Sotto. I include them so that you get an idea of what kind of talent you have access to if you come here running top game. These were sourced from their Instagram profiles:

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_11_03_at_2_43_28_PM.png]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_11_03_at_2_43_51_PM.png]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_11_03_at_2_49_15_PM.png]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_11_03_at_2_48_36_PM.png]

Pics arent working but nice writeup!
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up on the pics... are none of them displaying?
They're working now. Good write-up.

The Mid-West is always underrated I think. Its a great place to game as a foreigner, you really stand out. Not a lot of '9s' but a load of '7's with nice enough personalities.

On a non-game level I think Midwesterners are probably the nicest Americans on average too. Way more friendly than Americans on either coast (and less SJW-ey), but not as under-educated as a lot of Southerners are. Something of a happy combination of Northern education standards with Southern hospitality.
Great data sheet coming from someone who has been living there for 20 years. I second everything you posted.

Bottom line: Just go to Chicago!!
(11-05-2016 08:17 AM)zatara Wrote: [ -> ]On a non-game level I think Midwesterners are probably the nicest Americans on average too. Way more friendly than Americans on either coast (and less SJW-ey), but not as under-educated as a lot of Southerners are. Something of a happy combination of Northern education standards with Southern hospitality.

I second this. I live in the "warzone" of Detroit and get nothing but smiles and hellos even in the hood. And the lack of SJW is refreshing too. The only place that you would really get any SJW action in the entire Midwest is Minnesota.
I grew up around Madison and lived in Wisconsin for the majority of my life. I agree with everything you've said.

Great analysis.
This all checks out. Thanks 'tonics.
Hey Tonic, whenever you get a chance, could you drop a quick sheet on Milwaukee? That's actually not a bad place to hang out for a weekend up from Chicago, especially in the summer.
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