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Full Version: Best countries/regions of the world, by age
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By "by age" I mean your age, considering you're targeting the 18-30 crowd of 7+ women, for either casual or serious reasons.

My preliminary thoughts:

Latin America - women seem much less obsessed abt age difference, provided you can show some value (ie, have a solid job, in shape) or have decent game. You can be in your late 30s/early 40s and still pull women in their 20s.

North America - having lived in NYC / LA, I really don't see that many pairings with age differences of > 5 years here. Not saying it can't be done, but appears to be more difficult than in other parts of the world.

EE/Russia - somewhere in between LA/NA.

SEA - also like Latin America, it seems.

Thoughts? I could be way off, but I'm looking to learn from the considerable collective experiences of the members on this board.
(06-09-2017 12:02 PM)Il Bersagliere Wrote: [ -> ]

Good find - not sure why I didn't find it when searching. Thanks!

EDIT: Interesting that the observations made in that thread seem to echo my own. Awesome.
I like the post also

IMO travel is pricey (goes without saying). The more info there is the better it saves guys time/dollars (and vacation days) this thread
and links is a goldmine.....could I add the rule of thumb is poverty vs affluence (tiers 1 thru 5 countries in link above) or is that debatable?
I suffer as a Canadian from "your old enough to be my father" at bars. occasionally I'll catch a 20 something that know's what she wants (no kids) and an older dude for ..but I'm sick of it! slinking around at night to see girls to avoid the feminists scorn.
So I actively read the countries that don't give a dam on who's banging who. More than a little interested here. (liking Ukraine from the blurbs)
I've been to the Philippines (last October most recent) all I can say is entire families (in certain area's..7000 islands) pray their daughters find a guy with cash of any age to escape poverty and most are good catholic girls (you hope). But Manila or Cebu (bigger cities) the girls are educated and some have reasonable jobs/incomes foreigners are not exactly exotic so it's tougher....but no matter were a couple goes there isn't any "disgrace" for a younger chick being with an older guy (the word used there is FOUL...fat old ugly loser) but it's used like "how's the weather" not malicously.... ( I only saw maybe 1 or 2 real FOUL when there with some pretty FOUL women so it's just a handle Filo's apply generally) again I may be wrong
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