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Full Version: fingerprints Armenia/Georgia/Iran
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Anybody knows if the is fingerprinting/other bio on the land border/aiport from Turkey to Armenia / Georgia or Iran ?


First post on the forum eh ?

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Well, considering other threads on this forum i don`t think this one is so badWink))
Are you making your way to Syria to fight for ISIS by any chance?
I don't know what you mean. It's the normal migration proccess at the airport in Yerevan. I don't remember colecting fingerprints, but maybe they do it for people who need visa to enter the country.
OP is getting some negative responses and he could have used the search function before opening a new thread. But it's good someone is questioning this practice of taking biometric data from arriving / departing persons.

I've been to three countries that took my fingerprints, and to two others that implemented collecting fingerprints after my visit, so in total five countries. All of these countries are either total surveillance states (for example China) and/or have a massive police presence in public, with many policemen armed with AK 47 and occasional road blocks / security checkpoints (for example Uganda). I avoid countries that take my biometrics, not just because it's a complete dick move of those governments but it reveals that something wrong is going on in those countries.

In order to answer OP's questions:
- I was never being fingerprinted in Turkey.
- Georgia I don't think they take fingerprints.
- As a westerner, I was not fingerprinted at the airport in Teheran.
- Some say they will take your fingerprints at the airport in Yerevan, but not if you cross the land border coming from Georgia.
No Wander i`m not on the way to Syria, western countries already brought democracy there, right? Let Syrians enjoy "our" way, as you can see the country is doing great since we started to mess it up.

To clear things up: i don`t agree with imposing bio data collection and making people to turn into the cattle. We have passports. What will be next ? Chips? ( oh sorry it`s already here, in Sweden ) Slowly people do not have any right to privacy anymore, our money is controlled ( more and more countries turning to using only digital money) , when we travel the data is collected ( have you ever asked yourself what is done with this information, where is it stored and who can access it and how it can be used? Btw next question : when the fingerprints are collected at the border crossings are they checked with europol/interpol/ any other data base or they just collected by the country we arrive/departure and stored there? What is done with it? Is is about assigning them with passport holder or are they processed anyhow? ) Is that wrong to ask yourself this kind of questions when you are asked to share the most private information about yourself? People start to think !! I just want to know why and for what. Since when we are all treated like criminals ? Oh, sorry it`s for our safety, because clearly with all the safety measures introduced after 9/11 our world is becoming better and better, less conflicts, less wars... Yes i can defiantly see that.

So no, my question is no dodgy, my question is here because i am thinking and trying not be pushed around like cattle.

India: on arrivals when on e-visa
Malaysia: arrivals/departures, land and air
Singapore : same like Malaysia
Cambodia : collected
Laos: no
Thailand: not yet
Turkey : no
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