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Full Version: A few questions about Ho Chi Minh
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Hey guys,

I'm moving with a friend to Saigon for about four months, I was hoping to hear from people who've been there or still living there what is the girls situation like. How do you guys get most of your flags there? Any tips? Did you score with some expats there?

Also, about living in Saigon, which district would you recommend?

We would love to meet members who are there, we'll be there sometime in September

Thanks a lot!
Answering the call.

In a 8.5 million people city, the girls situation is extensive. Much more choice among locals. Tinder is huge here and preferable among locals for first approach. There are plenty of expats too, but lots of them have roots attitude.
About where to live, depends what you intend to do during those 4 months. Vacation and going out only ? In that case, District 1.
(07-11-2017 02:56 PM)Bigalo Wrote: [ -> ]Hey guys,

I'm moving with a friend to Saigon for about four months,

Also, about living in Saigon, which district would you recommend?

We would love to meet members who are there, we'll be there sometime in September

If you are staying 4 months, District 1 is played out. District 3 is where more long-termers stay and local girls will trust your authenticity more if you stay in that area - plus it's nice with the river and only a 10-min motorbike ride away.

I may come in October.
I lived in Saigon for almost two years and i'll be back in December or January of this year. I disagree with Cyclone about D1 but even D1 is a big place, I really enjoyed living in Japan Town but I'd never live near Bui Vien.

D3, D4 and Thao Dien which is between D1 and D2 are all good. If you're looking for under six months though your options will be more limited.

There's a great night life scene in Saigon but you'll run into many of the same people and girls. Penthouse, Glow, QUI & Spark are good spots not usually on the tourist trail. Lush, Apocalypse Now & Go2 Bar are places you'll inevitably end up if you go out a lot.

Dating apps are better than other cities because many girls in Saigon live with their parents or in a shared apartment building with a curfew. They often can only be out to 11 or 12 and will only have 1 or 2 drinks with you.

I've been with more Vietnamese women then any other country and it's all a mixed bag but girls err on the more conservative side. I've had a decent clip of one night stands but most girls are day 2 or 3 and I've gone as far as day 6 for a few I really liked.

There are lots of really good happy hours (XU & Racha Room are my favorites) usually from 5 to 8 with half off cocktails. My strategy was to line up lots of dates, tell them I had a call back in the states two hours after the date started so I had an excuse to bail but would occasionally stay out on the date and tell them the call was canceled. Some Viet girls will want to turn a first date into a six hour conversation that doesn't end with sex. I found it best to get a drink or two in and not even try too much depending on the girl and then push hard the next time.

It's a great but intense city, different then anywhere in the west, revel in the chaos and you'll have a great time.
Around seven years ago I took a one month vacation in Vietnam. I saw a lot of nice places in Vietnam but I have to say Ho Chi Minh city was my least favourite place in the whole of Vietnam. Personally the traffic, congestion, pollution, concrete jungle, and the overwhelming crowds of the place put me off. I did eat at some awesome restaurants in Ho Chi Minh though. You will see plenty of fucked up shit, I mean apart from scooters almost running you over on the foot path and people pissing in the middle of a busy main street.
O.P. have you considered moving to a less chaotic city in Vietnam? You might have less choices girl wise and restaurant wise but you do not have to deal with the chaos and you can be near some decent mountains or beaches or near the Mekong Delta or in a historical city. I would say if you have the cash to spare it might be worth traveling around the country for a month first to do sightseeing and by the end of the month you will know which city you want to live in.
Thanks for all of your answers guys!
We are going tomorrow to Saigon and we'll try to live in district 1 for a while and see if we like it
If anyone wants to meet up that would be cool

I'll try out some daygame hopefully and report you guys back
Bigalo, post a datasheet after you've had some time to sit down and share your thoughts after being on the ground there. It is appreciated.
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