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Full Version: Sports & Game - Best place to be in Europe during September ???
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Hi guys,
having just finished a work project and now with a lot of time on my hands, I want to go on holidays and doing so tackle two areas:
  • Sports - getting lean and mean again
  • Pickup - have some adventures at the same time

On top of that I want to get away from the terrible weather here in Southern Germany (it has been raining for days and next week will just be the same).

And last but not least I would like to be with a wingman or with a group of people so that if I get the blues I always have somebody to fall back to
(of course I have been on holidays by myself before as well, but I have experienced that being with another positive and motivated guy helps a lot)

What are your suggestions?
- Given the temperature I need to go to the South or East (it is pretty warm in EE at the moment)
- Given that I want to do some sports (and not just watersports) I should go to a Sports hotel, a sports group trip, or just cycle by myself (but doing this by myself is probably boring - so I should have a wing)
- Given that I also want to have an opportunity to chat up hot girls it should be in an area with a lot of tourists, bars, ...
- On the cycling part. I could also imagine to do a Roosh-Style EuroVelo trip cycling at a leisurely pace across the mediteranean, and doing some pickup in the evening. However again, I would need to find a wing for that.

So what would still be a good place in Europe? (I have been traveling a lot lately, so I do not fancy to go on a long-distance flight).
No answers ? Sad
Tough question. Many places are now becoming cold for the European winter, so you might have to look at somewhere like Greece or even Turkey. Have a look for average temperatures in places for October. Otherwise you're going to have to go to the southern hemisphere.

Can't help you too much mate.
Not sure what you exactly mean by sports hotel. Seriously is there any such type of hotels? Like britchard said, I think there is no option except Greece and Turkey. It wouldn't be that hot most likely. But if I was you, I would go to somewhere in southearn Turkey like Kemer or Marmaris.
Pick a Central European capital city. Prague, Budapest, for example.

Join the groups to play sports.

Weather is getting shit though.

Or go somewhere warmer and...join a gym?
Go to Madrid - has tons of parks and a lot of sporty people. Weather is hot in the daytime but cold at night. Only thing is that it obviously isn't on the coast. Also, a bit of Spanish will go a long way.
Probably to late for an answer but in Portugal September is still pretty warm. You can still get 30 or more degrees in some parts of Portugal. For sports I think you have to specify what are you looking. I'd recommend Algarve but it's getting pretty dead in terms of girls in most areas, with the few exceptions of incoming erasmus girls starting their studies here.
You can either try Lisbon or Porto if a steady influx of girls is the most important for you. Temperatures in September for Lisbon are around 28 degrees and Porto should be around 25, although nights can be cold and windy in both places as days are getting shorter and shorter.
For water sports, at least in terms of surf, September and October are the best months. Water temperature usually can reach a peak around beginning of September and still can be warm around October. But the best thing are the swells. In september, winter swells start arriving, you no longer have those small summer waves for beginners and the sea and air temperature are warm still.
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