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Full Version: Meeting up/Wingman in London/South East area
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I am Looking for some fun new people to meet in London/ South East area.

I'd like to increase my social circle which is forever difficult with the unforeseen amount of betas and liberal guys around.

I'm 27 with very good game,decent looking guy and have been into pick up for 10 years and would be fun to meet some friendly new people.

I'm into Day game/night game, Sports ( I'm into almost all sports. Huge Tennis and salsa dancing aficionado). I live in the Sussex/London area.

Hi, I'll be travelling to London with a wingman friend from dec 28 to January 6 (maybe more if things go well there).
Is 3 a good number to go looking for hook ups there or should it be just 2? maybe we can go together.
Where do you recommend spending New Years for hook ups tho?
We are 22 and from Chile but I do look older, as have been able to pull with a 29 girl.
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