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Full Version: Best bar/club to lone wolf it in Bangkok?
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As per title. I'm spending the next month here by myself, got a decent apartment a few km's out of the city. I don't know anyone here yet so looking for suggestions on a good club or preferably a bar where I can lone wolf it that are white guy friendly..Any ideas?
Depends on your age but for a 30+ guy then Oskar on soi 11 is pretty cool. Just pull up a chair at the bar and kick back and watch the show unfold. Levels is across the street and can be interesting too. Usual BKK caveats apply.
Most of the Thai bars/clubs in Bangkok are very difficult solo, table culture and all. Unfortunately most of the venues best for a guy rolling solo also have the highest concentration of hookers/other tourists- Levels, Khao San Road etc. That's one of the main struggles I have with the city, as I strive in western style clubs. In saying that, Beam in Thonglor was solid when I went last year. It's more of an underground European style club with bigger dance floors. The girls there also seemed fairly normal.
I'm 28 but I'll round it up to 30 for tonight Smile

And that's exactly the type of place I like where I can park myself at the bar and watch the night unfold .. so any other places similar to this would be great.

And BKK caveats ?
Best places to go solo in Thailand are the places without any white guys. They may not be "white guy friendly" and broads won't be throwing themselves at you, but there'll always be at least some girls in the crowd that are at least curious and receptive.

You'll need to get out of your comfort zone, but isn't that what travel is all about?
You could always meet up with some of the RVF guys in Thailand.
BKK caveats = the usual semi pros and chicks with dicks. Thankfully never met any in Oskar. Thong-Lo rather than soi 11 might be a better option for more mainstream BKK options outside of Oskar.
Just pull up your tinder. Ask a few cuties where the hotspots are and sometimes they may be game to join their group.
Not sure why Oskar gets mentioned so much on these forums. It's a nice enough set up, although small, but I've never seen many attractive girls there.
(10-05-2017 09:50 PM)kimura89 Wrote: [ -> ]got a decent apartment a few km's out of the city.

You are setting yourself up for a more difficult time right from the start. Where are you talking about? Can you give us an area?

You want to be somewhere you can walk down the street to a giant mall, restaurants, etc. Not only for enjoying your stay, but for meeting girls throughout your normal day. If you did that you wouldn't even need bars or clubs.
It's near Saphin Taksin BTS, it's actually more so 5km out of the city... to be honest I'm here for a month and gaming girls isn't at the very top of my priorities (still a priority somewhat)... price was the main reason, I'm travelling for over a year so I'm playing the long game financially.

However it's actually a great area, street food everywhere and real local life and minimal expats which is what a prefer. Plus being near the BTS helps.
Yeah there's nothing wrong with that location, you'll find plenty of places to explore away from tourists. I would not consider that "out of the city" by any stretch.
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