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Full Version: Top 10 RVF Datasheets of 2017 (imo)
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While compiling a list of 2017 datasheets throughout the manosphere, I trawled through the archives here and wanted to share what I thought were the best RVF sheets written (and formatted well) this year.

Well done for to the forum members putting up such great info! Men across the world are indebted.

In Alphabetical Order:

1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2. Biskek, Kyrgyzstan by Cool Runnings

3. Jakarta, Indonesia by Cool Runnings

4. Koh Chang-Trat, Thailand by Hayyish

5. London, UK by Boris Alotovmuff

6. Monterrey, Mexico by Jagnum

7. Nashville, USA by DigitalNomad

8. Tallinn, Estonia (summer) by DigitalNomad

9. Trans Siberian Railway by Chaos

10. UlaanBaatar, Mongolia by Cool Runnings

Sorry if I missed any other really good ones. Add your own if you think they should be on the list.

To 2018!
Lima, Peru by AxeMan
Nice. Don't know how I missed that one. Great info.
I will try to do a more thorough Germany sheet in 2018
Great thread, I second the Lima thread as well.

I'm big fans of the Ethiopia and Mongolia threads that NN put in the OP.
Thanks man! I was glad to see you enjoyed Toronto, was hoping to be here when you finally made it. I definitely owe more than a few lays to your site so just trying to give back a bit on here.
(12-05-2017 12:14 PM)naughtynomad Wrote: [ -> ]9. Trans Siberian Railway by Chaos

This is actually from 2014. Amazing read nevertheless.
Thanks dude I'm glad you enjoyed my datasheets. Hopefully you get some good use out of them
What about my Tashkent and Almaty sheets with photos ??
Haha it was meant as humour but it cut the winking emoji
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