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Full Version: Which city is best for a black guy? La-Nyc-Mia
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(04-21-2015 01:43 PM)Global Baller Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-20-2015 09:24 PM)speakeasy Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have the exact figures in front of me but I'm pretty sure that blacks are shot by other blacks at least 90% of the time. Until blacks themselves respect black life nobody else will.

Obviously, you don't get it. Who kills Black men more is not the point. The police are not empowered to kill innocent, uarmed African American men. The job of the police -- who are paid by taxpayers -- is to protect all citizens from crime. Particularly, from violent crime. Police in America are racist, brutal thugs. They're not supposed to be the US version of the Gestapo.

There's unarmed people of all backgrounds that have been killed by cops. But those aren't really given much attention by the media.

I bet you've never heard this stories of black cops shooting unarmed whites:

Or this white on white shooting:

It was basically a last page story if that. It certainly didn't get 24/7 CNN coverage and mention from the president. Nor were there any mass protests across the nation.

I don't buy into the media's hype. I know that if I step out the door, there's an infinitesimal chance I'll be killed by a cop, especially if I'm not resisting arrest. I'm way more likely to be killed in an armed robbery after wandering into a bad neighborhood. That's just the facts. I'm not letting the media whip me up into a frenzy because of what they choose to cover.

And I'm not saying these things aren't problems, my point is that this happens to people of all backgrounds. But it's more likely to become a media sensation if it's a white officer and black suspect.

There were 320 people killed by officers(includes justifiable or not) in 2013. Versus 14,827 murders and homicides in the general population that same year.

So that's 2% of the killings vs the general population. But keep in mind, many if not most of those by cops were justifiable shootings. There aren't any reliable numbers out there on the exact numbers of justifiable shootings by cops, but I'm pretty sure that comprises the majority. So if I care about life, tell me why I should be primarily focused on the cops who at the end of the day are a fraction of a percent of the unjustified killing in this country? Wouldn't it be more prudent to focus my outrage on the thugs and gangs in the street that are far more likely to be a threat to my life?

Let's also not forget that a cop is killed in the line of duty every 60 hours. If there was 24hr CNN coverage every time a cop got shot we'd think there was a war on cops as well. But because the media doesn't make any sensation out of it, nobody thinks much about it.

And one other thing to remember when we paint cops with such a broad brush such as calling them "gestapos". The vast majority of cops never discharge their gun at a suspect even once in their entire career. I know most would never think that if they watch the news, but it's actually true.
(04-21-2015 02:08 PM)elabayarde Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry I just read this.... Police are not racist brutal thugs. SoMe are bad... I get it. But I have friends that are NYPD, and they are just great awesome people. You have to imagine having a dangerous DOMESTIC job, where I are lied to all fucking day. If u stereo type all cops, you are doing the same thing that happends to not African american but Black men all over America.

Now with that being said I'm kinda an asshole. If i were a cop, I would be a dick to crocked cops the same way when I was a marine we were dicks to substandard marines. I would be a dick to criminals. My NYPD friends all are way more understanding than I am. But these bad decisions affect everyone. Now they would have to worry about some mentally ill dude "avenging" every black shooting in history. And the sad thing is good cops generally are the ones who pay. Because crooked cops make everyone's life harder JUST LIKE CRIMINALs.

The NYPD, and all the fukkin' pig cocksuckers in blue with badges can go to hell!
Have to agree with Speakeasy here. When I get stopped by the cops, I always think to myself: Shit can hit the fan quick at any moment, BUT the same applies to dealing with some blacks as well. I'm reminded of this everytime I think back to a friend who was at the bus stop and some "hood niggas" rolled up on him, tried to rob him (he didn't resist) and they killed him anyway. Wasn't in a gang and was actually more nerdy than anything. So when people say things like "White america doesn't care about you!" I agree, but at the same time I'm reminded Black America doesn't give a damn about me either.

Oh and not to detail the thread. La was amazing for me. I dressed my ass off and was shown love from all races. A lot of the girls asked me what i did and my Persian friend told them I was a producer from Def jam Atlanta lol.

7 day ban for Global Baller: derailing thread and having emotional breakdown against cops.

"The NYPD, and all the fukkin' pig cocksuckers in blue with badges can go to hell!"
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