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Full Version: Vegas Trip
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I’m making an impromptu trip to Las Vegas for three days starting January 18. Going to probably be looking to see if there are pool parties and of course club at night.

For the people that know Las Vegas what is the best (cost efficient) hotel out there on the strip that will be very very close to the pool parties and night clubs?

Last time I stayed at the Linq. It was pretty cool and I was able to walk to several different clubs and even pool parties.

Just looking for recommendations. Thanks.
The pools are closed in january. It will be quite cold at night as well so u should be prepared for that.

As for hotels the decent budget options imo are Ballys and Linq. Cheaper than most and at great locations. Never stayed at flamingo but it feels too old (ballys has same vibe but feels better). I always stayed at ballys before and it was fine. You cross the street and youre in bellagio and cosmopolitan and aria. Wynn will be a 15-20 minutes walk.

MGM sometimes has good prices but ive been told that room section which is cheap (west wing if i remember right) sucks

Circus circus has very cheap prices but is a total dump
Beirut gave some great info but I'll add on a few things.

- Pools will be closed, so the daytime will be pretty boring. There's a few daytime brunch spots that become like an inside day party (Lavo at Palazzo being one of them) but usually if I'm in Vegas in the winter, I'll take the day to relax/gamble and get ready to stay out extra late at night. You can always meet girls in the casinos but usually this is best at night.

- The best clubs right now are at Caesars Palace (Omnia), MGM Grand (Hakkasan), and the Wynn (XS, Intrigue, Surrender). Linq and Bally's are basically across the street from Omnia, walkable to MGM, though getting to Wynn is probably a cab unless you want to walk 30 mins+.

- Distances on the strip are deceivingly long when walking because of how big each hotel is, and all of the big intersections have bridges, escalators, etc. It isn't the most intuitive place to walk if you're in a rush, and ESPECIALLY if you're pulling a chick who probably has heels on. My advice for you to be "very very close" would be to find the club you want to hit up the most, and either book a room in that hotel, or the hotel next door. Otherwise, the distance will be longer than you think.

- Price-wise, unless your budget is strictly <$100/night, I'd take a look at some of the hotels that seem like they would be expensive (Aria, Wynn, Palazzo, Caesars). You're going at a pretty quiet time unless there's a major conference going on, so some hotels could have really nice deals especially if you're staying 3 nights, there's often discounts if you stay more than 2. I went a few years back in January and had a 40th floor strip view suite at the Mandalay for $120/nt on a weekend. In my opinion, staying at a spot like the Wynn is night and day versus staying at a place like Circus Circus, it sets the entire mood for your trip when you have a fun hotel with a nice room. It's your call though.

- Finally, check out this thread. There is a ton of great information there, and I've written more there.
Marquee Pool is usually open in the winter with a dome. I think it gets crowded, but I've never been, at least in Winter (I'm not a fan of it in the summer, Encore Beach Club is my spot).

Lavo Brunch is by far the best time I've ever had in a Vegas venue in my life. Female to Male ratio is out of this world as is the quality of hoes. I think males can basically only get in with tables, at least when I went it was like that and pretty expensive minimums but I think they opened upstairs last year.
Thank you my brothers for responding to my post. I'll keep an eye out on Marquee Pool and make sure I'm a good walking distance from there. I'll also check out Lavo Brunch as well.

I need to come up with a gameplan of what parties/clubs/day parties I'll hit up everyday and then find a place that is near. The first day I'll probably do an airbnb because I have a coupon which will make it free. On Friday and Saturday I'll probably be getting a hotel because itll be cheaper.
Enjoy it. I will be returning back to Vegas during March Madness (NCAA Tourney) in March. Can't wait.
Anyone going to be in Vegas next week?
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