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Full Version: US vs Canada
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Canada has a much smaller population then the US the whole population is smaller then just California. Canada doesn't have many metropolis cities and the big cities that Canada does have like Toronto and Vancouver I constantly see people trashing saying they are some of the worst cities there are. Does Canada have any redeeming qualities? Or does everyone think the states are better in general? I hear Montreal is really good is that the only good part of Canada or are there others? Overall what is the best Canada has to offer and what is the worst and in the end do these pros outweigh the cons and does it beat out the US?

When it comes to the states obviously it has a bigger population and more cities to chose from, a lot of people complain about the feminization of the women in the states but for the most part that is a problem everywhere. I hear of problems like obesity and stuff like that so if it's as wide spread as people say I see that as being a very big negative. The same as my other question overall what is the best the US has to offer and what is the worst and in the end do these pros outweigh the cons and does the US beat out Canada?

Since the US and Canada are some of the biggest countries in the world and two of the handful of developed countries in the western hemisphere/the Americas I'm wondering which comes out on top.
I find Canada less of a shit show with crime and just plain batshit crazy events.
If you like the winter and mountain western Canada is pretty nice.
Avoiding Vancouver and Toronto are your best chances of having a decent time.
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