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Full Version: Tokyo Daygame: 2017 Datasheet (Wings for Jan/Feb2018?)
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I am in Tokyo for Daygame through the early part of March 2018. I have my stats from last year's trip BELOW.. and I am looking for WINGS, if you in Tokyo between now and March.

This is my fourth trip to Tokyo, my third trip to daygame, and I'm an "intermediate" daygamer overall with 3000+ sets. I've daygamed outside my city for several trips including DC and NYC.


I am interested in guys that might want to wing while I'm here. I've been out just one day so far, felt great, 12 approaches, made four girls blush, took one number, and I have a date set up w/ her.

I love daygame, and have a somewhat well-known blog, but I'm not here to advertise it... I'm looking for wings.

Nampa, lets do it.

In 2015 I did 80+ approaches here and posted my stats.

Last year I did... much more than that. Never posted those stats, here they are:

== MY 2017 SUMMARY:
— Days Out Approaching: 23 days
— Total Approaches: 386 girls
— Blowouts: 116 girls
— No English: 68 girls
— Leads: 66 girls
— Approaches per Day: 16.8
— Gutter Game Approaches: 15 girls
— Dates (individual girls): 9 girls
— Boyfriends/Husbands: 8 total, in all those approaches
— iDates: 8 girls
— Girls in my Bed: 5 total
— Lays: 3 girls

Yes, 3 lays in over 350 approaches. All of them were 15+ years younger than me, and pretty cute. I had a lot of frustrating moments, but I was happy with the trip.

I have a low "conversation rate" and I don't care. It was kickass trip, I pushed all kinds of boundaries, and had an amazing time. In general my stats are either worse than.. or more honest than... what most daygamers present... and I am okay with that.

I love to daygame. Really looking fwd to tomorrow.

I'll be here longer than last time, know the city better, I have kickass logistics, and I have grown a lot since last year. I expect to have some fun times... who knows, maybe I'll get laid.

I'm an older guy, a white dude, kind of "skater"/"artist" style, but I have a business background, own my home in my home city, etc.

I like all kinds of Asian girls (haven't dated a white girl in years). At home I date a lot of Chinese girls, and I think they are great.

I'm looking to date girls 10-25 years younger than me (all legal, of course). I have dated many teenagers and virgins in the last year, all via daygame... never closed a virgin (not as a daygamer). Who knows.

If you're interested, PM me. I'll be out from for sessions at least 4 days a week, somewhere between 14:00 and 20:00. I have a flexible schedule.

May the girls be friendly and the sets entertaining. Cheers.
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