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Full Version: Moved to Ukraine (finally) Kharkov vs Kyiv?
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Been a member for a while but I do not post much... figured I'd share my leaving the west experience.

Long story short I moved all over the US started several quasi successful businesses. I did not get rich but made a comfortable life.

From college in Boston until my early 30's I lived in New York, Miami, Key West, New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, Chicago and randomly Dana Point, CA.

The reason I mention the above is because I tried literally every city in the US looking to escape whatever was plaguing me at any given time. Usually just cultural stuff and not always women.

I'm in my mid 30's now and pretty well traveled internationally with the exception of Asia.

After several years of cutting my teeth to make myself location independent and failing at every turn, I eventually ended up liquidating my holdings and starting a financial consulting business which worked.

I literally deserted my apartment in the US and jumped on a plane for Kyiv over night and have been in Ukraine the past 5 months.

1st month I got a business visa (with legal help) and set up offices in Kharkov and Kyiv. I also enrolled in a language school and despite being over 32 was able to get a student visa good for a year.

looking back at all of this I wanted to share that I don't regret this for a second. It's been the best decision I've ever made.

My business is functioning pretty well although having to fly back to NYC every 3 months for board meetings is a bit of a pain in the ass.

I've struggled a lot making friends in Kyiv but in Kharkov I almost instantly had a social circle due to the type of business I'm in being a popular pursuit for young people. It is in Kyiv as well but I'm considerably less accomplished than the big players there for now.

Right now I'm in Kharkov and strongly considering making this my home base versus Kyiv.

Was wondering if anyone considered between these two options for long term living.?

I'm not interested in Lviv or Odessa as they seem to be more holiday oriented. Plus I'd rather holiday outside of Ukraine anyway. I'm just tapping the local talent pool so being near universities is more important to me for professional reasons.
I know them both pretty well, and I think that Kiev has more to offer than Kharkov. Though I like them both.
Kharkov was an amazing place pre-Maidan, not sure if today it holds still due to the people fleeing to Russia and elsewhere because of the economic crisis,
also the city is now run over by Turks, with the nowadays direct flights, though that is secondary.

In quick analysys:

Positives of Kiev:

- More cultural offer
- More history and monuments
- Bigger city center
- More places for shopping/malls
- More western expats
- Has beach
- More people, and from all over Ukraine, therefore more dating prospects

Positives of Kharkov:

- Less stressful to work, money also rules, but no so much as in Kiev.
- Much less traffic
- More students per capita
- People more willing to drink and socialize (russian mentality gorod)
You will likely get bored in Kharkov, unless you are not bothered about hanging out with expats.

The only advantage Kharkov has over Kiev is cost of living
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