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Full Version: Meeting foreign girls in dallas?
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Where do they stay?

and what kind of foreign girls are there?
Any school with an ESL program. Try some language exchange websites. DMV since they need an ID sometimes. Maybe organize your own ESL group on Craigslist as a last resort. Any tourist attraction. Some guys find Au Pair groups on Facebook. I've never done that myself.
I'll give it a shot. Dallas is not as international as other large cities.

Korean Girls- You would find them in Carrollton.

Generic asian girls- Richardson, dallas suburbs. The Chinatown in Richardson would be a great place to start.

Middle Eastern Girls- Richardson, and anything near UT Dallas.

Variety- I would suggest SMU, lot of high class foreign girls.

Uptown- You will find a lot of out of town people visiting Uptown, but it's gonna be hit or miss if you're specifically looking for foreigners.
Foreign women ain't too great in Dallas.

Social scene can feel quite small at times so any sorta foreign gal you meet like Armenian, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, etc will leverage the fuck out of their status in a predominantly "Mericana" local girl town.
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