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Full Version: Summer Destinations in North America?
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Got some Delta money (otherwise id be in Europe) to use before August. Was looking for some summer travel ideas.

I have spent a decent amount of time at the Jersey Shore and contributed below if anyone is looking for ideas themselves.

Jersey Shore - my favorites being Belmar and Sea Isle.

Ocean City MD can also be a great spot.

Hiking in the Rockies or going to the Calgary Stampede seem dope.

What you guys think??
Center of Gravity (aka COG) is on in Kelowna July 27 to 29. It's a popular sport and music beach festival. Lineup hasn't been announced yet but they had acts like Snoop Dogg and Marshmello last year. They also have X-Games style events too.

Check out my datasheet on Kelowna -

Definitely recommend the Rockies and Calgary Stampede. Stampede is on July 6 to 15, they have some legendary partying, rides, rodeo and country music acts like Brad Paisley this year.
Would make a great trip to do Calgary Stampede, Banff (about an hour drive from Calgary), Lake Louise (half hour from Banff) then Kelowna (5.5 hour drive from Lake Louise). Or just drive back from Banff and fly to Kelowna from Calgary (flights are usually cheap on this route).

If you're into mountain biking, there is a huge festival in Whistler called Crankworks from August 10 to 19 that could be worth checking out. I've never been but I've heard great things. Whistler is about an hour and a half from Vancouver.

Let me know if you have any questions about Western Canada.
Montreal is good in summer . As much i hate this city , but in summer its good . Many Americans and anglo Canadians come and make things better and easier. just avoid quebcers and you are fine

Montreal is cheap as fuck.
If you're going for beach destinations, I would head south of the border to Mexico. I liked Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, but Cancun might be nice if it fits your style. I personally didn't think Cancun felt any different than any other beach town in the USA, but Playa and Tulum definitely had a different feel to it.

If you're looking for hiking, Colorado would be a good choice like you mentioned.

If you're looking to spend a lot of money, Vegas would be a good option.

NYC and Washington DC would be good just for the tourist things alone. You can never get bored in Washington DC with all the cool stuff that they have to do and see in the capital.

It all depends on your interests I guess. I would steer clear of anywhere in the south that isn't on the beach or anywhere in the desert like visiting the Grand Canyon, as those places will be to hot to really enjoy yourself.
(03-14-2018 08:45 AM)casa-nostra Wrote: [ -> ]Montreal is good in summer . As much i hate this city , but in summer its good . Many Americans and anglo Canadians come and make things better and easier. just avoid quebcers and you are fine

Montreal is cheap as fuck.

If you haul you ass all the way to Montreal, the last thing I recommend the OP does is avoid the French Canadian chicks. The reason anybody even goes to Montreal is to sample a piece of continental Western Europe, or more specifically, France, in North America. If you just want Anglo-Canadian and American girls, just stay in the US or head over to feminist Toronto instead. If you speak French, Quebec girls are hands down the best white girls in North America. While no Eastern Europe, they are essentially French girls, slimmer, better dressed, and hotter than their Anglo counterparts on the rest of the continent. While not applicable for the summer, Cote-des-Nieges when college is in session is an excellent daygame spot for French Canadian girls but French is probably needed to built up rapport with them.

Keep in mind that Roosh got attacked by an Anglo-Canadian chick in Francophone Montreal. French Canadian girls may be too feminist and may not want to speak English even though most are completely fluent, but at least they won't be attacking Roosh anytime soon.

In America, I think Nashville is gonna be lit in the summer. Up North, I think Chicago will be lit as they have Eastern European chicks, albeit thoroughly Americanized but many are still hot. If you like black girls and hip hop culture, then Atlanta should definitely be on your list.
For non beach destinations Chicago is at it's peak in the summer. Lots of festivals, concerts, etc every weekend.
Not sure what your looking for out of your trip but sounds like you like being active and nature and considering you were talking about hiking the rockies I'm guessing you'd be open to a nature trip over a party trip.

I'm a huge fan of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, really remote and not alot in the way of bars or restaurants, at least anything besides a roughneck townie bar but the entire UP is very similar to Alaska in the sense of unmolested nature. The place I camped last time it was like a 40 minute drive to a store and that store wasn't a Walmart it was like a plywood building that sold water, beer, gas and smokes and that was about it.

The Lake Superior shoreline is beautiful, they have pictured rocks up there along wiht a lot of nature parks. If your looking to get away it's a very cool destination.

I'm also a big fan of Charleston, SC. There's plenty of nature stuff within a short drive but you also have downtown Charleston, Mt Pleasant, James Island. If you like good food it's an awesome food destination, great seafood, great southern cooking, lots of food trucks and interesting restaurants. Charleston has a ton of history but also a good music and nightlife scene.
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