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Full Version: Brazil Rio December 2017 !
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Long time lurker here , but i've been meaning to make this thread for some months now , but due to work , and my commitments i never had the chance till now .

One of the main reasons why im making this thread is because Brazil get such a bad rep on here , that i even thought about scratching my trip all together after reading a few Brazil threads . but thankfully @Nextstop100 @crackerdaddy were amazing help .

About me : I'm in my early 20's , 6 ft African American . I always had a pretty good physique , but prior then this trip i was hitting the gym hard 2x days to make sure i was ready for RIO , i tried my best to learn Portuguese prior then me leaving . but it was a disaster . I knew the basics . But Fellas i would strongly advised to learn as much as possible . Because damn i'll never forget laying eyes on this beautiful Braziliana wearing that white & blue stripe sundress Undecided . but we couldn't even have a proper conversation .

When and Where: Copacabana Beach , December , rented an apartment for 6 nights ( roughly $200 in total ) it was literally a 5 minute walk to the beach , restaurants and supermarkets nearby .

Restaurants & Prices : i was extremely surprised on how cheap RIO was , i was having Succos for as low as 2-3$ and a full english breakfast for 10$ , Stalos Cafe Bar was my go to , the options are endless , if you are staying in Copacabana .

Tinder : I pipeline tinder for 2 weeks prior then me arriving to RIO , i ended up with over 500 matches after i arrived in RIO . I used the same tired pick up line i used back in the states , something whitty & funny to grab their attention . out of those 500 ,i would say 15-20 girls were down to meet up either for a date or at the beach ( but i am extremely picky ) vacation or not . honestly Brazilians are major flakes i ended up meeting with at least 6 girls , a girl for each day .

Brazilian Girls : what can i say , they come in all shape and sizes , skin tones and they love foreigners . They are also very aware of the sex tourism , so be as aggressive as you can but don't scared them away . They also work a lot age range from 18-30 those girls are either working or in school , looking back at it some may have been telling the truth about not being able to meet up .

one thing about them , if they like you they will go above and beyond , i went on a date at the beach with this girl who didnt speak english , we used google translator on our smartphones , took her back to my apartment shortly afterwards .

Safety and Precautions : I heard horror stories from the locals about RIO , so prior then me leaving , i made sure i brought my other smartphone on this trip . An old iPhone 5s did the trick , whenever i was going at night i usually took the sim card from my iPhone 8 plus and put it in my iPhone 5s .
I only walked around with an exact amount of cash in which i knew i was gonna be using for that day !

i rarely used taxis , i used uber 85% of the time , since they are a lot cheaper downside is some of those uber drivers have no idea how to get around the city ( even though there's this scary story about an uber driver , dropping me off in the wrong favela . While they were in the middle of a war with the police ) but that's another story for another time Confused

Results: out of 6 girls i met on tinder . 2 came straight to my apartment , 2 dates of cerveja which lead to my apartment shortly afterwards . in my opinion since im a picky guy , those 4 girls look range from 7-8 out of 10 in the looks & body department .

Nightlife : i didnt go out much during my time in Rio , they young lady who rented me the apartment suggested many times that i should visit Lapa & Barra da tijuca lol she hinted that i'll find some of the best Brazilian girls there . but from sightseeing all day & having dates line up at night , i didnt have enough time to go out at night .

This is officially my first thread , i am probably missing some key pieces , but if you guys have any questions let me know .[/size][/font]
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