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Full Version: Any suggestions on where to visit during a gap year?
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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I grew up in England and was born there too. My origins are from India, and I'm 5'4, but with pretty above average face. I'm in good shape too.

In a few months I'm going to go on a gap year before I start Uni - making me 18. And I want to know if there are any good places to visit and pick up girls - especially for beginners.

Would appreciate the help - If I have written something wrong please tell, this is my first post here!
South East Asia.

Thailand and Malaysia have Indian diasporas so it may be easier for you to get some local Indian girls.

Philippines and Indonesia. The girls there don't care that much about height (same applies to Thailand and most countries in SEA). Also, they are more open to other races and ethnicities. I've seen girls in both countries with all kinds of guys from all over the world.

Unrelated to travel, but wherever you go eat well and don't smoke. Who knows, maybe you'll grow a little bit more at age 18.
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