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Full Version: Danemark copenhague
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Hey guys,

How are you?

I have an online bisness who work good hère in France and i found one investissor in Nordic country who want to buy my structure so I will have to move there for a while ( 1 month) to make all the papers and administrations stuff.

It will be in Copenhagen danemark, i want to know if someone can tell how the city is in term of cost of living friendliness weather etc

. I dont like to go out at night cause of some ears problem, I feel sick when music is too strong but if you have good recommendations for some pub why not and where It is.not CROWEd do you know some pub like that in the center? And the music not too strong

What there is to do during the day? Do people can speak French or English there?

The city is shit and sucks. You'll be better off staying inside the hotel reading a good book.
I've been there a couple of times but I wouldn't call myself an expert. Anyway here's my 2 cents.

They speak near perfect English, like most Scandinavians.

As for what to do, bike around if the weather's good. Go to Christiania, a kind of self administrated autonomous part of the city. Look it up on Google to get a feel of what's going on there. Go to parks. There are not that many sights to go do sightseeing in the traditional sense. It's mostly getting the vibe of the city, chilling in different places, eating some local treats and so on.

The city is generally hipster. There's the old meat market area called Kodbyen where many bars are located. Some of them might have a bit louder music so check to see if it works for you. A bit of googling will help you finding something for sure.
The city is great, but one month might make it hard for meeting women. There are some cheap student type bars near the main square near the train station. They are horrible places, but for cheap options and super drunk chicks they are the only place.

There are some really great spots across the canal from the palace. Its a more high end scene, but the ratios are good and the women are beautiful. Competition is high, but people are friendly there so make some in's with people. Might be hard though if you have hearing problems and low English skills. Everyone speaks almost native English there.
The city is nice but dull, as are the people. Many beautiful women but everything is boring compared to the other parts of europe. I've been there twice to visit but would not go again.
Hey man,

I've been there for a week and it's one of my favorite European cities. As a French speaker you will kill it as many Danes have a thing for French. That being said you won't find as many French speakers as English speakers.

Danish society is a very open and egalitarian society. Sex is not shameful as it can be in other places.

If you're not going to go out at night then just look up a nice place near a park or the harbor on the map.

This place is quite similar to Amsterdam in mentality and design (bikes, water, openness).

I hope this helps!
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