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Full Version: Tallinn May 2018 Datasheet
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I’m contributing this data sheet since I’ve been a long time lurker of this forum and have gotten a lot of insights from it. Tallinn is in one of Roosh’s bang books, and I’ve always wanted to visit it. I spent 2 weeks here from end of May to Early June, doing both day game and night game.

Where to stay:

Like previous data sheet said, anywhere in old town is good. I stayed 20 meters away from club Hollywood during my first week, which definitely contributed to my one and only club pull.


Estonian girls have really good genetics. Many of them are blonde with blue eyes and long slender legs. They are on the taller side, I’m a 5’7’’ (170cm) Asian dude and at least half the girls I talked to are a bit taller. There are also brunettes but they are usually Russians. English penetration is good, 9 out of 10 girls I opened in daygame spoke English. If she doesn’t speak English, she is likely Russian.

Game in general:

They are not too shy and the cocky American style game works well. For daygame you need to plow and tease her a bit or you won’t get a conversation hook. For nightgame the bitch shields are high, low key status game works better than spam approach. Generally, you want to be seen hanging with your buddies and only open them in the smoking rooms where it’s more natural to talk and there is no loud music.


The old town is tiny. You will see girls all over the old town square going to their restaurant or bar jobs, but the most high traffic area is definitely Viru Keskus, the main mall. There is a grassy area in front of the mall where you can play the confused tourist looking for directions game or just open direct if she looks receptive. Grocery stores under the mall also had amazing talent, but many of those girls had boyfriends, so screen early.

One thing about daygame here is there are a ton of jailbaits, so you want to ask them if they are in university if they look young. If they are in high school, they can be 18-19 if it’s their last year. At that point it’s up to you if you want to talk to some 18 year old who still lives with parents.

Another thing to note is that you should keep the approaches low key. While Tallinn has a 450k population, the center is like a small village. Since I did the mistake of mass approaching in a small area, It’s quite often that I would be approaching a girl and catch one of my previous number closes glaring at me (obviously a dead number at that point). Two of my bangs actually saw me pulling other girls to my place, one of them called me out on it and the other just stopped responding to texts.

Twilight game

This is mentioned in the bang Estonia book, but night time street approaches of solo girls actually works really well here. I've stopped at least 20 girls this way and asked them for bar recommendations, pretty much all of them would at least stop and try to tell me where to go. Some will stay longer if I could transition fast enough. I've gotten some pretty funny responses this way too on girls that are a bit drunk, one of them told me she would have been down to "have sex with an Asian man" if she wasn't already on her way to a booty call. Toward the end of my stay, I got 2 lays by approaching this way, but the quality of the lays are nothing to write home about.

Night venues:

Hollywood: you can’t drop a Tallinn data sheet without mentioning Hollywood. It’s cheesy, loud, full of drunk tourists and attention whoring young Estonian girls with ADD glued to their smartphones. But my only club pull is also from here due to sheer luck, so it’s really a place you love to hate. There are 2 large smoking areas and another big area with couches that are away from the loud music. So you can sneak an approach or two in those areas. But if you are caught mass approaching by their social circle, the cockblocking will come hard, fast, and without mercy.

Route 13: this is a karaoke bar that attracts a lot of tourists but also some local. Quality here is not great, I’ve seen several American style land whales here that cannot be on the 1-10 rating scale because she broke the scale. Drinks are around 7 euros and the mood is more for pregame and meeting with friends. Saw people dancing on a Friday here but it never got packed.

Labor: a chemistry themed bar. The place is always empty, probably because the drinks are expensive, around 10 euros. If you want to get a girl drunk you can take her here, the drinks are super sweet and hide the fact that they are strong as shit. There is a newer labor just around the corner (next to Hollywood) that’s set up like a club. It was also dead every time I go there.

Must Pudeel: this place is a cafe by Day and bar by night. The waitresses there are cute and friendly, all of them smile at you as soon as you enter. Another forum member I winged with got quite hung up on one of them Wink but it’s more a date bar than a pickup spot, the set up had a lot of tables and it's not practical to bounce around talking to girls.

Club Studio: I never went inside, but the few times I walked by on weekends it always had a huge line and lots of young talent standing in line. Could be good but I imagine it’s crowded and loud inside.

Sauna Street: this is a street full of bars that all had big windows so you could peak inside at the talent before you pick one.

Baila: this is a salsa club with Latin and hip hop music. I was taken there by one of my night street approaches. When I went with her I saw good talent dancing in there. But the next time I went it was full of land whales. I’m guessing the place is hit or miss.

Pada: this is a club that’s a 20 minute walk away from the cluster of old town bars. It’s right next to the sea. I went there with my first bang in Tallinn so I didn’t do any gaming. But the place is only open in the summer and most of it is outside. It has a few bars and a small indoor dance floor. The vibe felt hippie and artsy, like a mini burning man, so it attracts a lot of the more alternative types. It looked like mostly social circles just hanging out, but since it’s so relaxed, the bitch shield should be very low.

Vabank: this place has an older clientele. I saw many older women in their 40s and older men in their 50s in here. There are also some younger girls in their 20s and 30s. People here are dressed very nicely, no 18-year-olds in tennis shoes here. There is a smoking room but it's pretty tiny, and the concentration of smoke made my eyes tear up so I couldn't stay there for long. Although the bar area was not so loud, so you could hang around there to chat up the girls getting drinks. I talked to a really hot Finnish girl in a bachelorette party of 10 when I was here on a Saturday, and another RVF wing reported that the quality was good for the following Saturday too.

Teater Club: the vibe is similar to Vabank in that the girls here are in their late 20s to 30s and are very dressed up (cocktail dresses and high heels). The setup in this club is probably best for baller/status/table game. The dance floor is very small, so are a lot of people in the peripherals where you can talk without the loud music. The smoking room here is super nice with comfy couches, so the girls would stay there chatting longer, giving you a lot more time to hook. One of my RVF wings pulled from here and eventually got the bang same night.


I don’t usually do touristy stuff and it’s not the focus of this forum so I’ll keep this section minimal. There are a bunch of restaurants in the old town. A very nice meal for one can be 8-10 euros (if you don't drink). I ate at Kompressor quite a lot, it is a pancake house that sells very filling pancakes at 5 euros each (watch out though, those things gives the worst food coma ever and will knock you out for the afternoon). For breakfast, I mostly went to Reval cafe, for 7 Euros you can get a coffee and an English breakfast.

For sightseeing, there is a church with a huge tower, I didn’t catch the name as I was taken there by a girl. But you can go up the small winding stairs all the way to the top for an amazing panoramic view of the old town. This should be a great romantic date activity, especially during sunset, which basically lasts from 7-11pm in the summer.

Race and country of origin:

I don’t think being Asian gave me either advantage or disadvantage here. I did meet a Russian girl who was super into k-pop, but she didn’t speak a lick of English and refused to do a date over google translate. Girls weren’t as impressed by the fact that I’m from the USA. Estonia is the wealthiest Baltic state, some girls came from good families and have visited America themselves. I did see one black guy around and he had a cute girlfriend. I had Black and Arab RVF wings with me for the second week, and they both got their share of bangs.

I have heard at least 3 different Estonians say that their people are racist. I didn't experience this with girls so much, but I've definitely experienced this with guys. Estonian guys really don't want to see me with their women, some of them would actively try to cockblock me, this is another reason to keep your approaches low key.

Final thoughts:

While Tallinn is a fun place to be with the good quality of life, it's not quite the poosy paradise. I gamed like it was my full-time job, on some days literally for over 8 hours, and the quality of bangs I got was nowhere near what I hoped. The city is quite expensive, almost at the level of a second tier western city. It's good if you want to stay for a long period of time, build a social circle, and slowly work on the higher quality girls. But if you expect to come for a short time, spam approach, and expect to close 8s and 9s, you would walk away sorely disappointed.
Theres two smoking areas in hollywood? Wheres the second?

And why are you reminding me of the one who got away you little asian bastard. Will drunk text her now.
(06-05-2018 02:39 PM)Beirut Wrote: [ -> ]Theres two smoking areas in hollywood? Wheres the second?

And why are you reminding me of the one who got away you little asian bastard. Will drunk text her now.

One is upstairs next to the bathrooms, another one is downstairs.

And man so many will get away lol, it's the nature of the game.
I am at Monks Bunk right now. It is dead in here too. What the fuck.
Great datasheet. Thanks for the intel!
Good writeup. Props for putting in the hard work and approach volume. It's a good reality check for what guys can expect. It probably isn't the paradise of "easy" Euro jaunt destination like it was a few years back, if it ever was at all.

Will be very useful for my own visit later on this summer. Cheers for the intel!
Tallinn has some of the hottest girls around for sure.
Yeah, Estonian girls are pretty. Do not let a lull in the amount of people here keep you from visiting Estonia. There are going to be ups and down in any place. The prospect of not having guaranteed success should not stop you from going anywhere. Outcomes are pointless, attiutude is what matters. If you can have a good time, no matter what. Eventually, you will get the results that you are looking for.
The alcohol taxes doubled in Estonia, since last year. So that has slowed down the tourist rate...slightly here. Also...prices have really gone up in Old Town. If you go outside of Old Town and outside of Tallinn....prices are a lot cheaper.
I ended up meeting a girl from Ukraine and she stayed with me and we did our thing. We went to a few places. So, I did not end up going home with my dick in my hand. Yay me. :')
Nice data sheet, OP. I'm giving you a +1 contributing to the forum and doing a thorough breakdown of the city.

You were there for two weeks. How many bangs did you get? Sounds like you got at least two.
In Tallinn most of July.
Shoot me a message if you're here.
I just left. Tourism should be in full swing. Do not come before the end of June. Come July to August.
I went in November last year had a great time , gamed for 2 a close on the last night with a model ( catwalk, fashion ) . Gonna head back this year maybe or if not defo next year!
I'm in Tallinn until September
If any one is in Tallinn...this would be a potential place to go to. If you can find it. Klubi Laev.
I am in Tallinn from the 16th to the 19th. Hit me up!
Have fun. I will be back sometime next year. Now is the best time to be there.
A friend of mine told me that right now Tallinn is not good. Overrun by Africans, Americans and Aussies constantly approaching everything. Can you confirm?
I’m here right now, I would say your friend is not correct. Don’t see any Africans, if he is getting beat to the punch by Americans it’s probably me and my friends haha. Haven’t really seen an ausssies other than a small group at one of the hostels, but no one at the hostels go for the locals for the most part.
I've never seen any Africans in Tallinn too.
More information on Talinn during the winter would be good as compared to the summer. Does the foot traffic and activities in the city slow down significantly?
So I'm just wrapping up a two week trip in Tallinn. This data sheet as well as DigitalNomad's have been very helpful (Shoutout to DN as well. We got to meet up for lunch and bumped into each other a few times during night game, but he did that a lot more + pub crawl game and I was focusing on day game so we didn't get a chance to hang out or game together very much)

I will add my two cents to Tallinn:

This place is small. Although staying in the Old Town will provide great logistics for pulling and SNL's, it can feel claustrophobic after a while. I moved around a bit and ended up staying a few minute walk down the road from Viru Keskus (the big mall), with a few solid date spots to do a bounce back from. It will also be more budget-friendly.

There are limited day game hotspots, but Freedom Square, Solaris Mall, Viru Keskus, Old Town are the big ones. The streets connecting these hotspots will be where most DG will be run. There's Rimi supermarkets underneath the malls which can provide good gaming opportunities between 5-8PM.

In the end, I put in about ~100 DG approaches, got 25-30 contacts, had a few I-dates / gutter game SDL attempts that didn't pan out and 2 proper dates, with one resulting in a bang with a 21 year old for the flag. I would not have worked this hard if I got the flag earlier in my stay. It took me 14 days and I was ready to leave after about 7, as the city is just so damn small. I I-dated a Georgian girl one night, only to discover that I had approached another Georgian who is a friend of her's the previous week. They took a selfie together and sent it to me. Obviously both leads were dead at that point.

The direct daytime that I ran here with good success in other central European countries didn't seem to produce as much results in Tallinn. Sure, there are some stunners and pretty girls here, but they seem a bit colder more reserved. It may be the more introverted nordic culture / personality or the FSU mentality where they distrust outsiders. Maybe I came off too strong and indirect daytime here would work better, but I didn't experiment much with that. It felt frustrating at times especially before I got my flag, as I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong.

Places Not Yet Mentioned In Detail:

- Prive club is right across from Vabank so the two can be taken as options to bounce between when one sucks. I came here around 3AM after Vabank on a Sat night just to see what it's all about. Gamed a group of Russian dancers outside sitting on the benches who came out on a smoke break, paid $7 euros to go inside and it was pretty crappy. Small venue. All the girls were just attention whoring by dancing in groups up on the stage and they didn't allow guys on that stage. The music was also too loud for my liking. Maybe I came here too late or on the wrong night. Would not recommend.

- Manna la Roosa is a solid date venue. There's a outdoor patio if you want to sit facing each other as well as a more intimate booth set ups inside. The decor is quite interesting and the drink prices are reasonable. Use outside as a Venue 1 or inside as a Venue 2. It's just outside the Old Town near the Taxi stands.

- Cubanita is another solid date venue, as it's outside the Old Town but close to my Airbnb. They serve strong cocktails and there is a 2 for 1 special between 1800-2100 hrs. It's three floors, you can smoke sheeshas and there are comfy / semi private couches you can use to escalate. Would recommend.

- A number of girls I gamed mentioned Weekend Festival down in Parnu, which happens in mid August, so that can have game potential. It can be best described as a summer beach resort town. Lots of local chicks I met went there for beach vacay or a weekend trip.

- It was the first year of Sweet Spot Festival at Creative Park in the Telliviski district. I didn't attend the event, which was full of day time concerts by various artists and food trucks. Girls I gamed said it was just ok but could be improved in future years. A wing of mine got laid by gutter gaming the streets in the area after the event was over and approaching girls walking home.

I attended the afterparty at Pada two nights in a row, which had a $10 euro cover charge. Beers were $4 euros and cocktails $7 E. I quite enjoyed this venue. It was quite busy due to the festival and lots of quality talent to shoot at. There's an outdoor patio / large beer garden type area to spit verbal game, and then two differently themed dance floors inside with their own bars for higher energy dance floor game or to micro-bounce girls you meet. I didn't pull here, but still enjoyed the vibe.

Non-Game Things I liked:

- Drink honey beer at Old Hansa. Cool medieval themed pub right in the middle of Old Town that's popular with tourists. The staff dress like medieval maids / bards. The food is bit overpriced though.

- Try the elk meat soup and meat pies at III Dragon, right under the Town Hall. It's lit by candle light like an old tavern with absolutely no electricity. Like stepping back in time 600 years.

- Climb to Toompea to the viewing platforms and get a great view / cool photos of the town for your IG.

- There's churches, museums, etc but I didn't really bother with those things too much as the weather was way too nice and too many cute girls out and about to daytime to spend time doing that.

- I kept fit by doing drop-ins at MyFitness. There's a few gyms under that chain and each of them go by a slightly different name. The first time you visit will be $3 euros, so you can take advantage of that by going to a different one each time to save money if you're not staying long term. The best one is MyFitness Ravala near the Radisson Blue. They have a sauna and big swimming pool.

Overall, given how small the city feels, the high cost of living, and how cold / rainy / dark it gets most of the year, I can only mildly recommend a visit, ideally between May - Aug when the weather is nice. Don't think I can handle living here long term.
Thanks to clarify DG, in fact I was very surprised myself by such report!
(06-26-2018 05:12 PM)Jagnum Wrote: [ -> ]Nice data sheet, OP. I'm giving you a +1 contributing to the forum and doing a thorough breakdown of the city.

You were there for two weeks. How many bangs did you get? Sounds like you got at least two.

4 bangs but 1 of them is a 5 :/

I'd rate the 4 girls I banged 8,6,6,5
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