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Full Version: All those choices....: 3 weeks Singapore or Ho Chi Minh...
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I am lucky and I have a choice to travel to Singapore OR Ho Chi Minh end of January, start February.
I guess I can enjoy myself in any of these two, but what would be your favorite???
If it is a business trip and your company pays for a 5-star hotel, go to Singapore. Otherwise Ho Chi Minh any time.

P.S. You should have better posted in an existing thread about South-East Asia.
Thanks for your reply! I made a new thread to stand out, existing threads can be quit long.
I travel on my own expenses.
Ho Chi Minh would entertain you for 3 weeks far more than Singapore, and you would save some cash whilst your at it. Plus of course the girls are hotter in HCM.
Ho Chi Minh hands down!
Singapore is very comfortable but extremely bland and sterile: essentially one giant air-conditioned (extremely well-ordered) mall in the middle of the chaos of Asia, with rather spoiled and not that attractive women.

I'd only ever go there if I got sick and tired of the chaos of the surrounding SE Asian countries, but it's not much of a place to find adventure and women.
Saigon is a much much better place to visit than Singapore.
If you have a lot of spending cash for fun and housing, Singapore. If you don't, go to Ho Chi Minh.
Ho Chi Minh has way more pussy floating around than Singapore. Plus it's way easier to reach it by air than the rest of SEA.
Ho Chi Minh,
shoot a load on your chin

VN isn’t really good for quick bangs if you want to lay anything higher than a 5 or 6.

Singapore is expensive. No idea about girls there, as I didn’t stick around long enough. Why don’t you try cities/countries that are actually known for easy pussy.
Been to both, especially Singapore. They are radically different places. Singapore is not only expensive but probably the worst destination for short term notch chasing, unless maybe you have a plan for hitting up expats at the Brit/Aussie bar scene. Even then there are much better uses of your resources.

If you are seriously interested, check posts by a guy named Irish for more details - he might even still be there as of this writing. The best part about Singapore is for long term, assuming you have a great job while there. It offers an easy and cheap jump off point for all of Asia. As a destination itself it's limited by your wallet and sheer size - 240 square miles is all there is to the whole country.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is much better on all counts, though admittedly I haven't been to that city since the nineties. I've been to Vietnam since then, but in the north, to Hanoi, which is somewhat still like what HCM used to be, I'm told. As another poster mentioned, keep in mind Vietnam generally isn't so easy for quick lays.

Given your parameters I'd take HCM.
Singapore is expensive but it does have the Marina Bay Sands 5 star hotel. I would stay there for 3 weeks and mingle with the foreign chicks staying there.
[Image: fixedw_large_4x.jpg]
I live in Singapore and have done numerous weekends over to Saigon/HCM so know both well.

For a 3 week trip, Saigon hands down. Better nightlife, hotter girls, cheaper, more fun generally.

Singapore is ok but certainly not ideal for a 3 week trip. It works for me as a place to base up long term as I make solid cash here, got tonnes of friends, and I can get to the airport in 20 minutes to fly direct (for peanuts) to any SE Asian party destination I feel like for the weekend. The nightlife isn't actually all that bad here neither.

I recommend heading to ho chi minh, but travelling around and maybe doing a couple days in Singapore midweek to check it out. It's quite a contrast compared to the general chaos of the rest of SEA
Thanks guys for the tips!! Ho Chi Minh it will be!
And the Marina Bay Sands 5 star hotel is put on the wishlist... ;-)
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