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Full Version: Warsaw 10 days July 2018 Kiev 1 week August 2018
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Orange and T-Mobile have the best reception in my experience.

Transportation: Metro, tram, bus, urban rail(you won't need this one). Metro, tram, bus all run on the same ticket.

Food: Food is decently cheap here. To get meat protein I was paying about 5-7 USD per meal. Not bad.
Recommend U Szwejka close to M1 Politechnika.

Neighborhoods: Centrum/Warsaw Central Station is a good area. If in doubt stay towards the east, but not across the river into Praga unless you're a hipster. If you are night gaming, stay as close to Mazowiecka. Something north of Mazowiecka but west of Nowy Swiat opens up both areas for you. Marszalkowska Street between Centrum and Politechnika is also a good locale with plenty of great places to eat.

Gym: I only checked out Zdrofit at Centrum, would recommend. Good new facilities.

Touristy shit: Lazenki Park is really nice, else go see Old town and walk along Nowy Swiat. There actually isn't much do to here unless you are into some niche stuff.

Nightlife/clubs: Sat night:
Enklawa: 1st place hit at around 1245am, I really gotta get going earlier this isn't Berlin. Anyways, the place is packed, ratios 60/40, quality is decent. Opened multiple sets, never got blown out once. Language barrier cockblocks me a few times but there's so much targets you just bounce to the next one. Everyone's here for the same reasons, unless you see a girl get locked down she's still open for the taking.

Room 13: Went across the street looking for Sketch Nite and ended up in here. Smaller place, ratio 75/25 quality was alright. Opened a blonde in a 2 set, could tell it wasn't going anywhere and IG closed her for future potential. Went outside got a burger and went to...

Sketch Nite: I thought it was Asian night, turns out it's just a normal night. This place is your Hail Mary, not because the talent is bad(it isn't), but this is the most outright hookup-ish place I could see. I spent most of my time in here and in Enklawa. Ratio was 60/40 degrading to 80/20, but don't let that put you off. At 5am, girls and guys were still matching up. Got talking to a 2 set and IG'ed both of them.

Went for a date with 1 of the 2 set later next week and it wasn't going anywhere. Super traditional girl, but good genes.

Next Sat night: Opera: Got there about midnight, and wow I thought I made a mistake. Capacity of maybe 500 people and there was maybe 20 people in there. With that said, multiple sets of 2-3 girls and maybe like 5 guys including myself. Girls were outwardly looking for attention. Found a Ukrainian 6.5 hiding in the corner by herself and isolated her for an hour but she wasn't down for SNL. Tough one for me, she was into me but I could tell she wanted me to work for it.

Come here if you don't mind running empty dancefloor game with every set being able to see you approach the other sets.

Enklawa: See above.

Polish women: I can see why so many go to Poland, Polish girls are receptive and are pleasant. They are very sweet girls. Very few blowouts received. Quality is pretty decent as well, I can't agree with the decline of Poland. Polish girls will also open you if they are interested, this I never saw coming. ONS are possible from night gaming, but not easy.

Polish men: They are pretty laid back and I can see why Western players see that as having no game, but all my nights out Polish guys weren't afraid of approaching. They maybe aren't as smooth but they are no pushover. They might not lift but do dress well too.

Summary: Pro: It is the most North American city I have been to in Europe thus far. Shit actually works here and makes sense. Large increase in corporate positions, service levels are good for Central/EE.
Con: It is the most North American city I have been to thus far. I can see why people say the decline of Poland is arriving.

Observation: Warsaw feels like it has a real economy unlike Prague, Budapest from walking around. Major companies have buildings and signage everywhere. In Prague and Budapest I was a little confused as to where the money in the economy was coming from.
Did u get any bangs?

Intro: I almost didn't do this but shit when I was going to be in this part of the world again. Got an Airbnb for a week and booked the flight.

Phone: I went with Kyivstar, great connection. 200 UAH for 30 days unlimited data. My rage for North American carriers exceeds 9000.

Transportation: Only used the metro and it was stupid cheap. You get this round token you drop into a slot. 1 trip per.

Food: Food is dirt cheap if you aren't eating at upscale locales. My meals were about 7-9 USD and that's hitting all your macros well(do you even lift bro). Recommend Puzata Hata, they have multiple locations around.

Neighbourhoods: Something around Gulliver/Palais Sportu, Kreschatik or 1 street off is good.

Gym: I only went to Bodyart Fitness on Mechnykova close to Gulliver. Good place, it's a little steep on the prices though.

Touristy shit: Go see Saint Sophia's, the Motherland statue, Hidropark etc, but you really didn't come here for the cultural attractions did you?

Nightlife/clubs: Thurs night: Met a girl off online, got a drink but it wasn't going anywhere.

I only went out on Fri night to 1 place, sounds lame but some of us do actually work on the road.

Skybar at Arena: Closed till October.

The Bar at Arena: Entered at about midnight, decently full more so in the smoking section. Many 2 sets, quality is pretty good about 7-7.5/10. Got a drink and opened a 6 when her 7 friend went to the washroom. Could I have gone higher, sure but I'm not trying to do a 3 date pull, it's now or never I got 2 more nights. Turns out a Lebanese guy got her friend, and we understood each other. Ended up bouncing to Boho it's a club/karaoke place. Got the number and kisses but invested way too much time vs potential at The Bar. It's now 3am and I got back to The Bar but as usual the ratios got worse and sets are pairing off. Grab a donair and call it a night.

Note: I didn't overly dress up, just jeans, v neck and blazer and while I'm talking to this girl I noticed at least 5 other girls all looking at me. This was at The Bar, english levels were pretty good. Each of the girls were no less than a 7.

Ukrainian women: Hot, feminine and fairly open. The cold exterior you just have to crack, they do open up. No need to be overly high energy it will actually take away from you. They will try to get something out of you, so watch that.
Try not to trip over your jaw on the talent you will see.

Ukrainain men: I found them pretty chill. I have EE friends back in NA so maybe we just understand each other better. Be a dude and they are pretty friendly. Most of local guys do not have style even though they may be built bigger.

Summary: I realized why so many come here as soon I cleared immigration. It had all the feelings of SEA, the chaos, the sprawl, people being out at night but being in Europe. Currently cheap as fuck. Girls aren't easy though.

I started getting eyefucked a lot in Warsaw but it really escalated in Kiev. No joke 1 in 4 girls are eyefucking me. When I threw on a blazer and went out 1 in 3 girls are eyefucking me. I can see the potential here, it's just whether one buys into the whole living in EE thing. Learning the language/Russian is 50% of the success rate I feel.

Would I do it again? Yes, but I would have to have a good reason to be there. Would I recommend? Depends.
Possibly a good place to find a wife, shit place for ONS/quick bangs IMO.

My short experience indicates a dude would needd to be here at least a month to fully get going, and that's dealing with all the shit tests coming your way. The shit tests aren't intense, but they are numerous. They likely will not put out the 1st day although you may get lucky(rather be playing powerball). I understand the frustration of those who fly in for a few days to a week and end up with nothing. All that talent, flirting and....nothing. Almost makes guys come back to prove they can do it. I think that's half the allure of Ukraine.

Go here if you have a preference for white skin, or are young and have time to invest in playing the game, or are some sort of game purist. For me an 8 is an 8 anywhere in the world, and my ROI on time(the only asset that matters) is much higher almost everywhere else in the world.
(08-16-2018 07:43 AM)SpursFan741 Wrote: [ -> ]Did u get any bangs?


I feel the further east you go the more meets with a girl you need to have. Perhaps someone more acquainted with EE can prove me wrong.
(08-16-2018 07:45 AM)ts58 Wrote: [ -> ]Note: I didn't overly dress up, just jeans, v neck and blazer and while I'm talking to this girl I noticed at least 5 other girls all looking at me. This was at The Bar, english levels were pretty good. Each of the girls were no less than a 7.

Hehe, if you would have engaged any of the girls looking at you I think you would have found out the reason why... They might not only be after your blazer

Sure you CAN meet normal girls in Arena (the Bar and Skybar) but it is not very likely.
I don’t know how you guys don’t pull anything in Kyiv. I’ve been there 5 times between 7-10 days and I always pull 2-3 chicks during those days. I just swipe on Tinder and talk to them 14-7 days before trip to gain their trust, arrange with them to party together in Ugly Coyote or somewhere else, buy them a few drinks (or have bottle service) and their are easy DTF. Im 25yo, 6’2, ripped and look nothing special. Im always surprised how you talk everytime about ‘3 dates rule’. Tinder game is the best in Kyiv, try it next time and don’t take her to dinner or 1 drink to talk. Take her out in club.
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