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Full Version: Best SEA Country for Island Hopping/Tinder/Game
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So basically I'm looking to be a beach bum for vacation while gaming girls on tinder and day/night game in SEA. I don't want to be in a major city like Bangkok or Manilla unless it has really nice beaches.

Overall, what are some good countries/places that have clean nice beaches/islands where you can travel with girls that you can pick up on tinder? I spoofed my GEO location on tinder in SEA and I was getting a metric fuck ton of matches compared to the States, where I literally only get fat chicks and or crazy feminists.
Tons of easy girls, SEA, nice beaches. Pick two.

Edit: if you lower your standards a little bit (not the nicest beaches, not the hottest girls, not as many of them available), there are a few places that could meet some of your requirements, though you'll find trip reports on RVF about each of them saying that they're shit.

Bali. Beaches are definitely not nice, at least not in the areas where you can find a lot of girls (Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu).
Phuket. I visited 10 years ago so don't have recent intel. Some guys like it and do pretty well there, some hate it. I did ok there but it was so long ago that it's probably not relevant anymore.
Pattaya. The whoring capital of the world, but if you know where to look you can find some non-pros. Probably worth checking out if you are near, but I wouldn't go there specifically. The nearest island is called Koh Lan (for day trips, short ferry ride).
Koh Chang. I visited last year in high season. OK place to visit for a few days but not for game, definitely not for Tinder bangs (there are like 10 tinder sluts on the entire island lol).
Da Nang. I haven't been but heard good things about it.
Cebu. Not on the beach but pretty close. Many guys here hate it, but for me it was alright about 3 years ago.

Please don't forget to report back after your trip.
Go to Koh Phi Phi and get one of the promoter jobs in Jordan's or Slinky's.
I'm not convinced about the Thai Islands. When I went like 7 years ago it felt like 80% women. But recently I have seen travel vlogs of Islands in Thailand / Philippines and was amazed at how much of a sausage fest and dater's destination it has become based on what I saw on videos.

If you want to maximize your Tinder then I think you should be living in a major city. I'm sure if you got to the actual Thai islands (because of the small population) there wouldn't be many women on Tinder.
Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like Cebu seems to be the general consensus at least in the Philippines.
I think Bali would be best for that. Amount of local girls on tinder might vary depending on the time of the year but there are always tons of tourist girls. You should get a scooter though, if you want to stay in the nice area (Seminiyak) and go to the nicer beaches. Only downside is that competition is quite fierce too, with tons of Aussies.
OP is Titus Pullo. He should be able to do fine anywhere
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