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Full Version: Connect / share strategies re East Asia/SEA
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Short and to the point: looking to connect with a few others off the forum to share tips and tricks on different cities in East Asia and South East Asia.

Mostly introvert/Tinder game and 'zero date game' meeting at my place or meet once quickly before next meet at my place for more conservative cities--this forum has a lot of 'extrovert' and club game, or guys spending hours with girls, which while I'm sure it works it's not for me.

If you've been to a few of these cities, or been to plenty and had strong success in a few, and tend to use more abbreviated/direct day-game or fast-meet online game would love to connect. Who knows if our travel schedules overlap, so more looking to connect 10 or 15 minutes here or there to swap what's working, strategies for a new cities, addressing sticking points in text game for each place, etc.

PM me if it sounds interesting and you've had success in some of these places. My strength is by far text game and situation reading and dating efficiency--been crushing from apps for years in US and trips to SEA (and not just Thailand/Philippines...)--and mostly looking for someone to swap strategies for places like Taipei/Vietnam/Japan etc. where there is some need to tailor one's game by area to maximize efficiency.

If I don't reply no hard feelings (that's why I'm posting from a fresh name...) but shoot me a couple sentences on where you are in your progression of your game, cities you've been to and are traveling to soon etc.
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