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Full Version: Dress Code in CDMX and Cancun
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I'm gonna be in CDMX (staying in Condesa) this weekend and Cancun next week. What's the dress code like at clubs there? It's gotta be in a data sheet somewhere, but I could not find it.

I'm imagining that at Cancun I could probably wear pretty much anything (shorts, sandals, and whatever t-shirt).

CDMX I'm guessing I would need to wear jeans, shoes, and a nice t-shirt (like plain black T) or a dress shirt.
no real dress code. i was shirtless in 6 out of 7 clubs that i went to.(tanktop to enter and took it off half way through the night) (And 1 club that i wasnt able to go shirtless i was in a tanktop and shorts.

this was maybe 3 years ago. any other destination its vneck or a nice button down shirt to go out.. never that asshole to take his shirt off rubbing up against people with sweat... but cancun is different environment with foam partyies paint parties, pool night parties going on at night with the hot weather ....
even the nicer clubs with a dress code by the end of the night half the people were shirtless because it got so hot inside... except 1 club they were strict on the dress code

if you do the foam party. bring sandals to that... because i remember my sneakers got soaked
each night they have a special event(pool party, foam party etc.) you need to find out what days what club is best/most popular to go to.
I was there in both places recently and there is no real dress code, although i played it safe and wore pretty smart clothes in CDMX.

CDMX is warm during the day, but bear in mind at night it can get very cold at night at this time of year, (less than 10 Celsius). You'll probably need a light jacket or sweater. Either that or 10 Tequilas should keep you warm!
Brown leather jacket, white/gray plain t-shirt (or tasteful graphic), dark blue jeans, and brown leather/suede boots never hurt anyone ever. Classic look that works in any city in the world excepting beach oriented clubs.
In CDMX you must dress DHV, if you want to get girl DTF. In CUN you dress more DLV, but can still get DHV. I would say DG better in CDMX than CUN, but NG is king in CUN. I found a high concentration of AFC in CUN, but also a lot of AMOG, can't win either way. In CDMX higher rate of CB also compared to CUN. CUN has the highest concentration of SHB no doubt.
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