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Full Version: What's Your Favorite City in the World?
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(To Get Laid)

Surprised a thread on this topic hasn't taken off. Taking the city, culture, nightlife, views, and most importantly women, what's your favorite city in the world to get laid?

I'll start, haven't been able to go too many places yet, but I love Chicago ( in the summer). The cities beautiful and bustling. There's so many festivals and things to do. Everyone's so happy that they're not freezing their ass off anymore and the girls are hot and more down to earth. I have developed a great social network though which helps.
Bangkok to be young and poor
Vancouver to be middle aged and comfortable
Dubai to be old and rich.
I would go with that order:

Prague, Czech Republic
Bangkok, Thailand
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lima, Peru
Moscow, Russia
most beautiful city to live and work etc NOT women Miami, for the most beautiful women that are nice, friendly, feminine easy to lay I liked Panama and pretty much any latin american country what difference from the states lol
For a combination of beauty, nice weather, culture, food, partying and great beaches really close: LIsbon, Portugal. The game can be tough though. For fun adventures in game, good food and interesting culture: Bangkok. Honorable mention in N. America: Montreal.
London is #1, it's the easiest place in the world to game, there's an abundance of girls and while competition can be tough, there's always a new freshie to welcome with a pump and dump just around the corner Banana
Cebu. Can’t go wrong with that.
Why has NYC not been brought up yet?
^ NYC is actually one of my favorite cities in the world, right now.
Just like in sports sometimes you just have to be in the zone and have luck & other external factors going for you (and hopefully your physique / confidence / charisma is solid & you have enough bankroll to minimally play with at least). Chaos theory moving in your favor if you will. That's why you'll sometimes get lucky daygaming or nightgaming (or app gaming) in the same city one day but strike out the next day. But yeah some of the more populated cities mentioned above will generally give you more variety & opportunity at any given time.
NYC is the best to visit. Chicago the best to live.

Honourable mentions to London and BKK to visit.
Tie between Mexico City and New York City
Las Vegas, Melbourne....

I would add Chicago, really liked the vibe there.
Favorite city in the world to get laid, so far:

Las Vegas

Had a lot of fun there on a business trip. Met a sexy woman there, a brunette, hour-glass figure, thick, and curvy just the way I like. Best sex I've ever had. We had so much fun that even after 2 years we still stay in touch. She texts me and likes to come visit me.
I dont have one
Well I do love NYC, Moscow and Miami and Vegas has a forbidden Allure - So I will suggest Boston as an option.

Phocking Boston Bulldog bishes you say? The BU Mascot is a Boston Terrier mini bulldog - just like the Bad Boston Beantown Bishes Ballbusting Bitchiness. Are you for real Deepdiver or have your deep phocking dives finally given you bends of the brain???

Nope facts about Boston:

Boston's revolutionary era Freedom Trail national monuments and Charlestown Navy Yard with the USS Constitution gets more visitors every year than Disney World.

Every mega-wealthy family in the world - Think the Forbes Billionaires list - eventually has a son or daughter, niece or nephew who attends universities in Boston in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.

Boston has over 300,000 Students from around the world who attend the Metro Boston Universities with several rated Best in the World. The second tier Unis that take the (partying) Euro Kids named after all the Euro Italian fashion designers they wear - kids that party too much to get into Harvard or MIT are still the children of the rich and wealthy so tuition at second-tier BU is $38K per semester and attracts those who want "Boston" on their degrees.

Boston's knowledge-based industries are BOOMING, tech, biotech, construction, professional services, R&D of all types, internet, Financial Technology, Finance and Investments, several major Global Financial institutions manage well over ONE TRILLION Dollars HQ'ed in Boston. Harvard's Endowment is so large that they could provide Tuition Free admission to most of their preferred high IQ and Legacy Students however financial discrimination by charging huge tuition and fees is the only form of discrimination accepted in the modern era. I dated a Harvard MD grad who blatantly told me we are not racists, we are not sexists, we are not genderists, however, WE ARE CLASSISTS. Ironically the new money Ivys avoid vulgarity whereas the Old Money swear like sailors.

Mainland Chinese Freaking Red Communist students are suing Harvard for Discrimination by capping "Asian" enrollments at 25%. Best way to rattle an Improper Bostonian Academic's cage is to scream RAYCISTS at them. The Downside is that tens of thousands of mainland Red Chinese students have been embedded in all Boston Unis as knowledge transfer agents reporting to the Boston Red Chinese consulate and all other Chicomm consulates across the USA. Boston's attitude is that these Chicomms pay FULL TUITION and underwrite their posh academic lifestyles and enable scholarships for poorer lower IQ American diversity students. The leading edge pace of Boston R&D is only accelerating in all disciplines guaranteeing future demand for tier one educations by the worlds most prosperous and powerful families.

This rapidly growing and highly diversified global cutting edge Knowledge-Based economy provides career opps for the many college graduates minted every year by Boston Unis and many of these companies offer tuition reimbursement for applicable Graduate Masters Degrees Programs. Boston Bishes love when Daddy Gov or their Corporate Daddie/Mommies pay their tuition and provide an upscale salary at the same time!

So 300,000+ Uni students who like to experiment in the sensual arts with experienced men who know what they are doing and can provide interesting adventures that then become young professional women who look to lock down Alpha males even if it is just subconsciously.

For men with decent Game Boston is like shooting bishes in a barrel even if half the women are Boston Bulldogs...

One day I will write a book and movie script about Boston Silver Fox game with College bishes and grads.

Turkeys flock, Wolves pack, Eagles hunt alone.

Success is Secrecy and Secrecy is Success.

An example of an upcoming Boston Soiree that practices classist (class base economic) discrimination...
The $225 Ticket Prices sorts out a lot of townie Bishes and common Slores - only high-class Slores can afford these prices and they pay willingly hoping to lock down a steady meal ticket - YOU!
FEB 09
The 11th Annual Boston Winter Ball
by The Boston Winter Ball Committee
$225 – $350
(01-27-2019 12:45 PM)Deepdiver Wrote: [ -> ]One day I will write a book and movie script about Boston Silver Fox game with College bishes and grads.

I'd buy that book.
Chicago hands down.
Chicago for me with Tokyo a close second. The only disclaimer is I haven't been to Chicago in winter, nor will I.
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