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Full Version: Help me plan the last leg of my trip!
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Hey guys!

As some of you may know I've been living in Warsaw for the last 4 months. During this time I've been to Krakow, Zakopane, Gdansk, Berlin, Brest and Minsk with my russian girlfriend.

I'm flying back home early march. As of the 28th of January I have one month to travel.

The only thing set in stone is that I'm visiting Prague on February 3rd. This will be a solo trip. No GF. Just me and a buddy.

From there I can pretty much fly anywhere for under 20 USD. I will probably make one more trip without the GF and the rest of the trip will be with her. The goal is not to get laid but just to experience what the city has to offer. Dont care about night life. Costs there are important for me cause I'm a student on a budget. I'm completely open minded to going anywhere. I've even been considering morroco or other far away locations.

Would highly appreciate the input of more seasoned travellers.
First of all I pity you for staying in Warsaw during January, this town didn't work out for me at all. Krakow has been much better culturual and dating wise but not perfect still though - since Poland is full of girls in the 6-7 range but not much in the higher range. You couldn't go for the easy bang on the first date but always had to go on a second one.

I've commuted to Prague for 3 months straight and my advice is to hit it up until your flight back in early March if your main goal is just plain hedonism. Prague has the feel of a Euorpean swinger club without entrance fee. Just make sure to hit up the Dlouha District (James Dean, Hangar Bar and 80's Bar for the MILFs) aswell as Lucerna Music Bar every other night. Good times!
I've got the sex life covered, my gf is solid and I smash her in every orifice thrice daily. The goal of the trip is to explore new places and cultures. Experience new cuisines and touristy shit.

That being said however, I am going to Prague without her so ill probably get my czech flag but im not too focused on that aspect. I'll definitely hit up one of the places you suggested though.
Budapest is absolutely worth a few days visit, beautiful city and very cheap during January/February as it's low season.

Croatia cities are also great but the beaches will be freezing (they're cold in Summer) at that time of year.

Vienna is a lot more expensive but is another really cool cultural city in that general area.
Sounds beta.
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