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Full Version: American Black Men in Zagreb, Budapest, Prague and Belgrade.
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I have read some comments made by Rooshvforum users on different threads that Black American Men are literally treated like Gods by local women in Zagreb, Budapest, Belgrade and Prague, Women there are the most desperate for American Black Men, to date and bang American Black Men and these places are a pu**y paradise for American Black Men, local women of these places are crazy like hell for american black men...American black men will have the most easy lays on earth in these places, women in these places will open their legs to American black men without even thinking for a if they are hypnotized by American Black Men....on the other hand these same women are not attracted towards African Men from Africa...but American Black men are treated like Gods by these women.

How true is this? If it's true...then what are the reasons behind this?

P.S. This is similar to White guys being treated like Gods by local women of East Asian Countries
It's simple, really.

It is bullshit.
(01-23-2019 11:14 AM)Cation Wrote: [ -> ]It's simple, really.

It is bullshit.

What is bullshit? Is it true it no?
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