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Roosh V Forum - Registration Agreement

Read These Rules So You Don't Get Banned

We have strict rules that allow the forum to exist as a unified community. If you fail to read the following rules, there is a high chance that you will put your identity at risk or be banned without warning. Here are the rules...

1. Do not talk about pre-marital sexual activity. You can discuss how to meet, attract, and date women with the intention of entering a relationship with them, but not how to have sex. You cannot discuss cheating or casual hook-ups. You cannot ask where to travel to in order to have sex.

2. Do not use vulgar or pornographic language. Do not describe sexual encounters or situations that are beyond the act of kissing. Refrain from using profanity if a cleaner word would suffice.

3. Do not share personal information on the forum, even through private messages. Use a burner email and entirely new username to register an account. Pick an email address that does not reveal your identity if leaked out and a username that you have never used on other sites. Both should be Google-proof. Do not share photos or personal details of yourself. If you want to meet other members, share your burner email to take the conversation off the forum.

4. Don't talk down to members. Don't call someone an idiot, moron, or hater. Don't use condescending language such as "WTF are you talking about?" Don't use textspeak. Don't flood the forum with low value posts. Don't post someone's personal information. Don't be a drama queen. Defer to senior members, who help make the forum what it is.

5. No race or political baiting. It's okay to talk about race if that's the topic, but no geo-political discussions on why one race is superior or inferior to another or why an upcoming race war in X country will be bad. Newbies under 50 posts are not allowed to participate in race or political discussions.

6. No spamming or self-promotion. Do not register solely to promote your business or web sites. You can post commercial links to your signature after you gain 30 reputation points.

7. Your account and posts are permanent. Accounts and posts can never be deleted, even if you're banned. You have 60 minutes to edit any post you make. You also cannot maintain more than one account. You cannot register again if you have been previously banned.

8. No girls, homosexuals, or transsexuals. Their opinions or comments are not welcome here.

9. Do not post about the following: jailbait girls, illegal crimes, p4p, gore, scat, NSFW images, or images of girls you know. Do not share images or screenshots that identify your dates or girlfriends (e.g., first names, faces, phone numbers, etc) and do not upload naked photos directly to the forum.

10. You cannot create new threads or send private messages until you have made 5 posts and been a member for at least 1 week. Use that time to understand forum best practices.

11. By signing up to the forum, you agree to receive updates about your account to your email address. We sent occasional notifications and product updates to your registration email.

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