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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    I have a different analysis of the transformation that occurs with some girls in their 20s. It’s not just the brainwashing in tv/school or what’s cool, that’s not even half of it. Yes we all know that’s part of it, but what reallly kick starts this is something else. Girls start to transform...
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    if she is a religious catholic, then she is clearly the best choice, America needs an uncompromising judge on religious issues, trump will win and most likely replace breyer and probably sotomayor after all that “diet coke” spills out of her. But right now a Conservative judge needs to be in...
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    Mia Khalifa thread

    Here is what you need to know about the industry: There are very few success stories(if you wanna call them that) of women making it big and bringing in real money in the porn biz. It is mostly drugged up whores who got into it and can’t get out because the content is out there and they don’t...
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    What do you think will happen in September 2020?

    The US is the only country in the world that can move mass troops(we are talking hundreds of thousands) land on someone’s territory anywhere in the world, from sea, land, air, backed up by logistics and maintain reinforcements for the foreseeable future, other countries are so behind it’s not...
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    Reports from affected cities

    Its true bout the “gatherings” that arent really protests, i live in a big city, the “protests” lately have been mainly a few girls and one of their homo friends on opposite ends of an intersection holding up signs. Federal unemployment running out has reduced the “movement” to only a few well...
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    Just an FYI, the new “catholics”, for most of them, one issue that is in their top 1-3 issues is sponsoring of family members. You are correct that they are not leftists, couldnt care less about blm, dont view blacks as persecuted and vehemently oppose lgbt. However while elsalvador and co...
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    If this is happening and then might as well vote Biden, bring in the 18 million illegals plus all of their family members. The more of them, the more incompetent the us will become and start making drastic mistakes leading to embarrassing defeats abroad. The decline looks like it will happen...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    New CNN poll shows narrow lead for Biden nationally and dead even on battlegrounds. This election cycle is similar to 2016 where the closer you get to an election the more "evening" polls you got so that the media can say oh we were only off by like 2 % and its only 100,00 people difference in...
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    Elon Musk thread

    He said one sentence, a 100% correct one btw, and you automatically assume his master is the ccp. Instead of focusing on his point about and the 3 big american cities and their entitlement problem. He is basically saying if america continues this way, it will lose.
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    Relocation thread. Aid and alliance requests.

    Its not that difficult for white americans to grab european citzenship, you just gotta dig into your family history, find a few documents, one of them being there at some point is enough to grant you one. The "Decent" route is the easiest and less scrutinized. Depending on what happens in Nov...
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    The Tucker Carlson thread

    Tucker shouldn't even address it, if it does it should be one line and thats it, move on. There are other writers, its not difficult to find someone else to write for the tucker Carlson show, the left makes it so easy to write a daily monologue exposing them. You just gotta have the balls to do so.
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    Race riots 2020

    They can't control any of that, once Biden grants citizenship to ilegals, they have the right to sponsor relatives who then all virtually marry their own kind, often from back home. It will be the biggest and fastest chain migration in history. The demographics will look like this in roughly...
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    Joe Biden thread

    This isn't really news, you can read his immigration plan at his website. Its basically the fastest lane to the destruction of the country. Let me sum it up for you. 1. 11-18 million undocumented migrants given greencards and path to citizenship - nobody actually knows the real number, it...
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    Twitter is scum... switch to Parler

    Dont bash it right away, it takes time for something that just got popularity to navigate into a proper platform and run like a tech company should run. There is going to be mistakes made, alot of them, but bottom line we should have as many alternatives as possible. Don't delete your parlor...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    Foreign students who are taking online courses(due to pandemic) during FALL 2020 will be barred from entering US. No F1 visa this year.