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    The Tucker Carlson thread

    The Tucker-Comet Pizza connection is from 2007, many many years before anyone had an inkling of what the hell was going on with Pizzagate. Tucker has 4 kids IIRC, outings to the local hipster pizza store aren't grounds for thinking he's into that crap. The ClA application part I can believe, he...
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    ^She can be flipped, with the proper training and guidance.
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    Health treatments and prevention for Coronavirus

    I heard Sweden is boosting vitamin D levels in their milk, smart idea.
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    'This is wild': state employees find mysterious monolith in Utah desert

    They got bored doing crop circles.
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    Did we land on the moon?

    I don't know about the bubbles, but you wouldn't be able to see the clouds move from space at normal speeds.
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    Jack Posobiec

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    The Australian politics thread

    The main goal of WW1 was to bleed off a whole generation of young Europeans, weaken their nations running up their bankster debt, and to destroy four Christian and Muslim empires: The Russian Orthodox Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire, setting the...
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    Did we land on the moon?

    This site is a masonic flat earth outlet: Sorry but this stuff is orders of magnitude less credible than any official NASA lie, the leap of faith required to believe that the sun is 3,500 miles away and the other set of fantastical flat earth theories dwarfs that of the moon landings. Funny...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Breitbart is a neocon outlet. They are not patriots, well at least not American patriots... Deep down, people like Solov can't really stomach the Trump movement because of its America First element. They are first and foremost globalist zionists who will prefer a compromised tool like Biden...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Lin Wood is a deeply religious man, he is powered by his faith.
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    Did we land on the moon?

    The Apollo landers' mass is 4,900kg, which is a pretty large mass even on the moon. It is roughly the equivalent of landing a vehicle the weight of a small car on earth. The Chinese lander is only 1/4 the weight of the Apollo landers, 1,200kg vs 4,900kg, so if anything, we would expect the...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    FYI Biden's "official" margin of victory in Nevada is 33,596. Given how thin these margins are, and how blatant and massive the cheating has been, Trump should win all of these states, more comfortably than in 2016.
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    The Donald Trump thread

    Maybe she's been hiding till mid January with the help of the swamp? Or actually offed, if she did agree to spill the beans? Or maybe it's just a rumor...
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    Forum "Lounge" - Everything goes!

    There's no enigma, Len was a prolific poster in good part because he was so good at it, providing a steady stream of righteous content that resonated with a large part of this board, he was clearly one of the very best posters on here. In 2016 changes were already afoot on this board and IRL...
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    Did we land on the moon?

    Once again, this is from the official Apollo 14 flight report published by NASA: Apollo 14 traveled "right through the heart of the trapped radiation belt", quoting directly from the chart they've plotted in the official Apollo 14 flight report. Apparently, they didn't even try to minimize...