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    Sane places

    Seconded on Vietnam. Life in Vietnam is mostly like normal (pre-pandemic). You see some people wearing masks but there isn’t the widespread fear here like there seems to be in the USA. I agree that the Viet government handled the situation about as well as possible. A big part of that was...
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    International School Teaching Questions

    I'll start with your questions, then give some general information. A - Depends on the school, and this will be true regardless of country. Big, prestigious ("tier 1") schools have the money to pay for dependent visas and will often give you a bigger housing allowance. Smaller...
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    Bad family news

    So sorry for your loss Roosh. My condolences.
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    The International Teaching Thread

    Not sure about other states, but there's no need to live in Florida if you do TeacherReady - it's an online certification program. I completed the whole program at an international school in South Korea. The coursework is all online, and you can do your student-teaching at any school that is...
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    The International Teaching Thread

    I'm also teaching at an international school. Previously I taught EFL in Korea for 5 years, did TeacherReady to earn my social studies grade 6-12 credential, which helped me get my current job. @ElMono - I would contact TeacherReady directly to ask if you could qualify for that subject...