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    Whore to Housewife

    Thanks mate, another good post. I agree with your points in the opening paragraph. I recognise that as of now she is risk of cheating at some point down the line. The only thing that will stop me from doing the same will be my faith, so I realise how important it is for her to find hers. Your...
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    Whore to Housewife

    Thanks again for the well thought out post, it’s given me a lot to think about and has helped make my thoughts a lot clearer. We had a good talk of our desires for the future, I reminded her that we need God to be a part of this relationship for it to have any hope of success, and we need to be...
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    Whore to Housewife

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply, Augustus. For the record I am 29 years old. I do have to mention, and maybe this changes the way you see things, she and I are living in a state of mortal sin by engaging in pre-marital sex. I am Catholic and I carry much guilt about this, my only true...
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    Whore to Housewife

    I’m currently with a woman who could very much be described as ‘girl A’ She has a troubling past - 30+ partners at 24 years of age, but you would never assume so. Two close male companions of mine were very shocked when I opened up to them about this, saying they would never have guessed it...
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    My dad’s longing for the past is killing our family

    My first thought is it was very wrong to kick him from your house when he obviously needed someone, although you do have my sympathy on what sounds like a very tough upbringing.
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    Using Christ to overcome the sexual past of a potential wife

    What are your thoughts on if the man has done this himself, previously? Generally I agree with your sentiments. Past cheating shows a lack of character and loyalty.. But is it grounds to take things no further if I have made the exact mistake myself?
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    Using Christ to overcome the sexual past of a potential wife

    This is a very timely thread for me and I'm looking forward to reading the input of others in perhaps similar situations. I recently started seeing someone with a lot of really wonderful qualities. Nurturing, loving, happy, young, attractive. As you describe, the kind of girl that would have...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    I am catching a flight tomorrow interstate to pay respects to my grandfather who passed the other night. God willing everything will be okay
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    Do you have food in storage for an emergency?

    I havent gone any further than having enough food for two weeks if i have to wait something out at home. I'll increase to a month on my next shop. At the moment my stash consists of pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, rice, beans, noodles, water, hand sanitiser and dog food. I will purchase some...
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    Predicitons for Democrat candidate in 2020?

    What a train wreck.. Trump is going to walk this in.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    RE: The Chinese/Asian coronavirus thread Irans 12 deaths of 61 cases is extremely high, 20% death rate! Seems to me they probably have a huge number of cases undiagnosed who arent dying (yet). Looking at the numbers from Iran, Italy, Sth Korea and Japan is quite scary
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    RE: The Chinese/Asian coronavirus thread Very hard to access weapons where I am. Ive got a close relative with a beautiful 70 acres out in the countryside which would be my 'shit hits the fan' plan. I'll stock up on some tuna, pasta, pasta sauce as well. Maybe some tinned fruit, bottled...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    RE: The Chinese/Asian coronavirus thread Gentlemen, What are we doing to prep? Im doing a shop this afternoon, a quick list of things i cant afford to forget?
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    Australia's highest paid rugby player refuses to retract "homophobic" statement

    The Australian Christian Lobby has set up a new donation page for Folau. Folau's original page on gofundme raised about 750k in 4 days. His new page will surpass that amount within 12 hours of being online (currently 710k). Donate if you can!