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    Joe Biden thread

    Wasn't there a lot of hub bub a while ago about some documents or something that was totally going to bring the Democrats down? I'm still waiting on that, so I'll hold my breath about these supposed emails
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    Do You Deserve A Good Woman?

    Definitely not, but somehow I got one. I try my best to not take her for granted.
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    The Joe Rogan thread

    I don't think these people would do well in jobs that require people/social skills such as sales, etc. They are probably able to code well enough and can do their own thing by themselves.
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    Drug Legalization Thread - Recent Events and Analysis

    Prohibition is an absolute joke. Middle schoolers these days can get booze, weed, and party drugs such as MDMA. Make everything legal, end the cartel strongholds, have real-talk drug education in schools, tax the shit out of it, and let nature take its course.
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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    Pretty sure I saw it said on this forum but any society that encourages the degradation of feminine beauty is sick and deserves to fall.
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    Heavy Metal

    Yeah true, bands like Carnifex and The Black Dahlia Murder (an awesome band IMO) use pentagrams and stuff but they're just stoner nerds/horror movie fans who probably spend hours a day practicing and just like the imagery. But I agree, it's crazy how metal used to be so edgy and dare I say...
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    Really sad, he looked like a decent enough dude. Geez, this story really bummed me out big time. We're not getting out of this one easily.
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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    I found this article to be interesting. It's pretty short so I'll paste the whole thing:
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    Heavy Metal

    It's really only black metal, a European-based (mostly Norwegian) variety of metal that glorifies Satanism with its lyrics and imagery. The production is so lo-fi and raw that it's damn near unlistenable to 99% of people; it's pretty niche so it has a relatively small audience. At one point in...
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    The George Soros thread

    Shameful to see how cucked Fox News is these days. Granted they have Tucker, but to try to blatantly obfuscate the truth like that...I hope Newt G is watching is back out there, what a champ.
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    Politics and Family

    Thankfully my immediate/extended family are all "keep your head down, work hard, watch Fox News, vote red" Republicans - They consider me the extremist with my anti-circumcision rhetoric and WWII history questioning!
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    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    It will be very interesting to see how this plays out...If the GOP strikes while the proverbial iron is hot and makes quick moves to fill the vacancy then we can assume they mean business and are taking things seriously. If they lollygag and dick around then we know they are fully cucked and...
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    The Cuties thread

    My gf wanted to watch it to see what all the fuss was about and because I think she enjoys a little recreational outrage herself from time to time (she is very right-wing). I think/hope that for a lot of normies it's a cold splash of water to the face and hopefully the beginning of a red pill...
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    Joe Biden thread

    This video is hilarious, bizarre, and disturbing all at the same time.
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    Should I get married even though not deeply in love?

    Seems like a lot of guys I know who are socially savvy/good with women and have dated/are dating totally adequate women have this same thought process. I think it is an evolutionary feature in men, not a bug, to always be thinking "can I do better...?" This usually only applies to looks, as it...