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    Forum will be upgraded to new software on May 4, 2020

    Will "likes" on old posts migrate over? Also, the current color scheme is easier on the eyes IMO - maybe you could tweak the Xenforo scheme to be similar.
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    The #Pizzagate thread

    "Mouthy Buddha" Mirrors here For anyone who needs to search it in the future, the full title of the video is "PEDOGATE 2020 | In-Depth Exploration (NEW INFO) - A Film by Mouthy Buddha"
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Here's a link to the study: As far as I can tell, they're proposing that a "spike protein" binds to the ACE2 receptor and allows the virus to enter...
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    Joe Exotic

    On topic, "Tiger King" is actually pretty damn entertaining, coming from someone who hardly watches any TV.
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    Joe Exotic

    This study found that 46% of homosexual men had been molested by a man as a child, compared for 7% for heterosexual men.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Now thats what I call putting the "quran" in "quarantine" ^^
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread delete
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I heard a very similar rumor from a buddy who's well-placed in a major corporation.
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    ^^ I thought that was a joke, so I googled it. Here are some selections, straight from the Microsoft Office website: So, just so you guys know, writing "she is a typical teenage girl" is displaying unacceptable age bias. :laugh7:
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    Celebrating Women of Average Looks -- Post Photos, 5s and Below Only

    It's not a binary. "Letting my woman control my life" and "banging a hooker while running from any emotional intimacy" are two dysfunctional points on what is a 3D map.
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    Zinc has made me a better man.

    I've also had good results with Whole Foods (365) zinc - one of the few brands out there with added copper. I take 15 mg every night before bed, and sometimes in the morning. The most obvious benefit is rock hard morning wood (less consistent/hard if I don't take zinc).
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    Bizzare health problems triggered by Chinese food

    Sounds like a food allergy. Adult onset allergies are actually pretty common. They can show up with no warning, and once they do, they tend to get worse with each exposure. You should book an appointment with an allergist ASAP. If it IS an allergy, it could kill you next time, so you REALLY...
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    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone

    It's not really about vigilance, it's just about keeping your woman attracted to you. I think of it as a meter. You always want to keep it topped off. You can tell it's topped off because she'll seem very in love with you. If you fail a test once in a while (if you're tired, in a bad mood...
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    The Movie Thread

    Repped for great taste.