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    Good info on programming bootcamps/learning resources

    robotics is definitely pretty difficult but you can make boatloads of money with it. check out codeacademy, and when i was in school i used c++ interactive exercises from the university of maryland. go through all their modules till you get it right. study up on math as well cause coding is a...
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    Europe is coming for Big Tech. Biden's victory won't change that

    too bad europe is crap at technology. asia is supposed to overtake the americas soon for most high net worth individual, as soon as the economic beast that is china that just keeps churning out money. Europe is undeveloped and lacks proper agricultural technology. food security is a major issue...
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    Monarchy vs Democracy

    the french vs the british..who wins? obviously france, this is why the french revolution lead to their greatness, getting rid of the monarchy and replacing it with a system of government which empowers much more people
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    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    ill be the first to try it out. vaccines are rarely dangerous cause it has such a small amount of the virus. they say that efficacy rate is skewed due to people who previously caught and beat the disease. the faster this gets out the better it will be for all of society. Don't know why I'm...
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    What are you listening to?

    sango, he does a lot of brazilian-portuguese music
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    Video games

    i used to play warhammer online which was more pvp than pve unlke wow which i also played. i love mmorpg video games. league of legends is also a really awesome game, weirdly i lost my lvl 23 account cause my internet got terminated so my email went bye bye. wow i got to lvl 37 just before my...
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    IT Jobs

    ahh software, such powerful form of technology. there's a lot of money being made in embedded programming and robotics. although there is only about 160,000 robotics engineers in the usa. thousands of programming language out there, but you got to choose the best one like pokemon. now heres some...
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    QBittorrent:. How to Use It

    interesting. i use to use the piratebay and bittorrent but these days there slim pickins cause people chase after them. best bet just use a torrent service on your cell and look for torrents, download a good antivirus cause you dont want to get a destroyed device because you went to some...
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    Must-read Books (a definitive list)

    Oops, disregard that sorry
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    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    Overpopulation answer is simple, go Chinese route and limit the children. It's important for everyone to contribute children to prevent inbreeding. Industry 4.0 is underway and it is hear to stay. First one being steam engine, second being electricity, third being digitization, fourth becoming...
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    From Essays to Coding, This New A.I. Can Write Anything

    Quantum computers are confusing, there's always progress but it seems just out of reach for mankind for a while. The hardware has made strides but the software is just not there, it's not really become practical even though the qubits keep increasing
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    Must-read Books (a definitive list)

    The attraction code by Vin dicarlo Definitely harder pick up material to comprehend but it becomes a very valuable weapon in your arsenal. This stuff is just elite material. When you start to mold your life with his style it becomes almost too easy to attract and keep women around. It's...
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    The Downsides of Being a Coder

    Coding is not hard just time consuming. Computers operate in binary which is how you communicate with it. Keep track of the flow of data and mathematics operations. Debug and spend time on it and learn multiple languages that you feel most comfortable with. For example rust lang is a very...
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    No point in working

    Be thankful to live somewhere where you can find a job and you're white. The worst is having no control over your life if your stuck in an economically weak region of the world with little manufacturing industry. People go to university to study Polysci and post modern feminism and barely pass...
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    Who do you think will win the 2020 US Election?

    Sounds like americans are suspect of their democracy, corruption is in the mix I guess