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    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    The answer lies with BXVI invalidly resigning the Papacy. Popes can and have resigned, but by Canon Law, he must totally resign the office--no more white cassock, no apostolic blessings, no more calling yourself Pope. Furthermore, a resignation made out of substantial error, fear or simony is...
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    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    What if you're wrong about whether Bergoglio is pope? Has the thought ever remotely crossed your mind?
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    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    OK "faithful" Catholic prelates--this is your final chance. You had a good show with the dubia over Amoris Laetitia--go to to see how long it has gone unanswered. You had a chance with Laudato Si. You had a chance with the Amazon synod and the subsequent idolatrous ritual. You had...
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    Courting Women In The Time Of Covid

    I had a date fall flat in time of COVID--despite sharing the same beliefs, convictions, and realizing the whole psyop--because she felt "no connection." Whatever. I do not expect any courting to resume as normal while everyone is under VirusRegime, and I don't expect VirusRegime to go away...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    At this point, I think I'd rather be in jail. Let's see them try to force a mask on me there.
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    The Donald Trump thread

    I was originally going to post this on the "Resisting Coronavirus Laws" thread, but this event I went to was more a Trump rally than a protest. There was a crowd of at least several hundred people in Beverly Hills and even marched through the streets on Rodeo and Beverly. Normies were BTFO...
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    Anyone else just get banned from Tweeting or Retweeting on Twitter

    I got thrown in Twitter Jail for saying Dianne Feinstein should be tried for treason and executed, then I experienced the glitch. I believe the two are unrelated.
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    Durham Barr Prosecution of Deep State

    Neon Revolt is pulling a "Here's how Bernie can still win!" in Gab w/r/t this latest revelation about the Barr-Durham farce.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Which is why YOU have to make a stink, raise your voice, show defiance, "peacock" if you will. Here in California our rules are pretty draconian, but we are full of free spirits--the beaches were full before they "officially" opened. Strength attracts strength, and each interested person you...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    After action report: After being denied entry by the "guards" (seriously, don't patronize stores who have doormen who AREN'T security) we requested the store manager. We handed him the Notice to Businesses that stated that a.) the VirusRules are against the law and civil rights and b.) "store...
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    No point in working

    Lately I've been discerning the religious life which, if I go through with it, requires vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. When you swear off private property, you abandon yourself to the will and mercy of God. Furthermore, it forces you to act more mission-oriented; since I have given up...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    I attended a "corona resistance" event yesterday. We expected 14 and 30 ended up going. This just goes to show how much interest there is in standing up against CA Tyrant Newsom's evil fake-laws. Sometimes I do solo demonstrations where I walk by myself carrying a "I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THE FLU...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    One possible way is to connect people who hate the rules with stores that enforce them laxly, or not at all. Another proximate way is to find the nearest Trump-friendly locale and congregate there. (Setting aside my own personal conviction that Trump is a false savior, his supporters are the...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    I've joined a "corona resistance" group. I won't share their details because 1.) I don't want to compromise their opsec (such as it is) and 2.) I think it's better that these things are decentralized and reports to no one leader. Even if I didn't join such a group, I found an ally simply by...
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    "Fratelli Tutti": 10/03/20 Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis

    @AnonymousBosch , Anything Jorge the Humble says or does is invalidated by two things: 1. HE WAS NEVER THE POPE. 2. He offered the Most Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass to an idol. I don't know who or what got to you, but if you accept the freemasonic inversion of Jesus's commandments...