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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    I think end of this year. Gaethje X Nurmagededov. Gaethje doesn't want to fight Connor. He wants the Bear!
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    Who you got? "El Cucuy" X Poirier? I bet Poirer for now. Then Gaethje rematch with Poirer? Slick.
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    Can't wait for Gaethje to fight again to Porier? I mean, whoever wins with the two will fight Nurmagededov, right?
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    Tim Ferriss Followers Are Impressionable Children

    I just wanna learn more about morning routines with the awesome people he did talk too, though. $$
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    I'm a fan of JRE podcast , and I finished all Jp's guest appearance.
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    Podcast recommendations

    JRE podcast tim ferriss sports nutrition podcast
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    Tim Ferriss Followers Are Impressionable Children

    I'm listening to his podcast right now. :hmm: Is he a fraud?
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    In the philippines, it's getting worst from politics, goverment and how to flatten the curve scenario.
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    The TV Series Thread

    How about FRIENDS and the big bang theory? I'm on season 4 of FRIENDS. I like the comedy series for humorous talk when socializing with friends or with people like Seinfeld.
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    Mental Health Lounge

    I'm having acid reflux, low stomach acid since the pandemic started. Anxiety kicks in every night. SIBO sickness.
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    I just listened to joe rogan podcast. They're talking about isolation tanks and meditation.
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    The Movie Thread

    I'm watching watchmen. I just realized how powerful, Dr.Manhattan is. I haven't finished the movie, though, work work.
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    Fiction book recommendations

    Charles Bukowski, women. About spinning plates and booze. I'm still half way throught the book.
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    What are you listening to?

    Joey Diaz is so funny. They're talking about isolation tank and weed. Does weed really make you feel bad in a long term health?
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    Welcome to RVF II

    Lots of new threads. How can I add some avatar image?